hey. its me again, the isaac kid.
im a whole different guy now though.
i was recently saved and like 2 tlk 2 others about the Lord our God.
plz, if u don't have anthing nice 2 say, don't say it.
I wish for everyone to know God and His amazing love.
Don't Give Up On Love!!User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
I'm questing for somethin like ths, so if u could, please
Item List:
Ancient Katana
Angelic Headband
Angelic Microphone
Golden Laurels
Guitar of Angellus

Estimated Total: 594,035 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 10 November 2006)


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Me and my opinoins Note:OPINIONS!!!

just things tht r on my mind at the time.



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Glistening Silver

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Glistening Silver

hi User Image

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i finally had those chocolate chip cookie dough poptarts now i wont go crazy everytime i c ur profile yay!!!!!!!!!!!

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man u need to get on here boy User Image gaia is so lonely without u lol jk jk XD ill call u later after i get home from the movies im going to see evan almighty with a whole bunch of my friends User Image ttyl God Bless <33
the new isaac

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the new isaac

lol its ok

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im gud thank you...what bout you?....ur profile makes meh hungry >.< lol ohhh it was so weird when i was checking my profile just 2 min ago when i first saw ur last comment ur avi was standing in front of mine blocking my avi lol i was like whoa how did his avi get on mine i didnt put it there cuz for a second i thought i was on ur profile and i was like hmmm pink profile but then i noticed it was mine and i clicked ur profile then went back to mine and it wasnt there anymore p.s. sorry for the long comment *hugs*

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*glomps* my swayter wayter lol

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ok...sorry this is going to sound absolutely random, but ur song on ur media is also on my friends profile on her Mypraize, and i always forget that i have the sound on my computer and it scares me...well i forgot my sound was on and i came to ur profile and the song started and i'm wondering if i managed to switch to mypraize on accident! ...ok sorry about the randomness....bye

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hey...welcome to the guild...and yes, drumming is music
the new isaac

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the new isaac

hey im back from the thousand-year anti-gaianess!!lol


plz donate!
questing to show others God's love!!!
6/20/06 my real birthday!!
Don't Give Up On Love!!!
RIP~Thomas is first donater
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