Just you friendly everyday neighborhood cat thief, saying bonjour mes petits enfants.
And I like cats and eating ketchup-y things.


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Report | 02/22/2011 11:06 pm


I can't wait! Thanks in advance for coming. c:

Report | 02/22/2011 5:33 pm


OH?! That's way better staying for 3 hours than 1! c:
Naww that's okay. As long as you guys get to come. C':

Report | 02/21/2011 9:50 pm


We can't move the time, but I'll try and extend the party to a little longer! It's not cool for you two to come for an hour and then leave! :c


Report | 11/30/2010 8:31 pm


Argh it's really sad when you watch your clothes/personal possessions turn into scraps for cleaning before your eyes in front of your face. It's really depressing.

D: I'll have to go read them later. i mostly stayed away cause of the cover too. I cannot stand clowns.

YESSSS that'll be so cool if I can do a Harry Potter marathon over winter break. Heck I missed out on like 3 of the movies. DX

And french club meeting was lame+boring as usual. We just sat, and the president ate and talked about the dance.

Report | 11/26/2010 12:53 pm


D: Did you get rid of the pillow? And I've never read any of those scary stories. My sister did and she told me they were lame. :/ And when was that west nile thing again? I've never really pad attention to it, since I don't watch the news that often. I'm an escapist! 8D

Hmmm that works too but I'm always too preoccupied doing procrastination stuff to ever look up movies. D: Heck, I was supposed to watch Order of Phoenix before I watched the last movie. That's not happening anytime soon though. D;

LOL their outfits were hilarious. Or the aerocraft ones. XD But I didn't pay attention to their outfits most of the time. I was looking at how Montag reminds me of some dude from Lost. :/

Yesyesyes It was kinda ugly and nasty, since I "utilized" the green goo glitch. So I made a stripper outfit now! You'll probably see it, since I'm not gonna change for a while.

It's fine, take your time! My old computer used to do that and I've lost countless brain cells and screaming power venting y energy towards that dumb monitor. >:/ But my laptop's an improvement!

And yes, I'm verrryyyy careful to type my emotes w/o turning them into faces. >;D

Report | 11/21/2010 6:34 pm


YES, that's why I'm careful+I copy and paste. >;D I also hate how when you type you have to use the semicolon instead of the colon for eyes cause Gaia's emoticons are so ugly. >:/

Yes! Blankets are lifesavers for those nasty parasite stuff. I think the only one I really remember was spiders, where they just burst from your stomach. Mosquito too. I'm not sure if they do reruns of those anymore though. :/

Ugh my parents are actually thinking of taking away our TV plan actually. :/ I guess that's no more HSN and reality shows for me. D;

I think that's why Mrs. Lee referred to the movie as "corny". I didn't really understand the concept though. xD But yes I noticed, and that's what made everyone laugh I think. You can't blame them though, that movie's oldddddddd.

I made one, then got scared. I can make another one though. >;D

And tyty, it was really rushed. But yours looked pretty cool too. o: You drew the mayo right? My memory fails me. And YES her essays are impossible! She offers absolutely no guidance and I still don't know how she grades. Dx


Report | 11/19/2010 9:22 pm


YESthat one. Ohmygod it was nasty when the woman was shaving her legs and they were rotting! D:<!! That's when I started to use my blankets. The other nasty ones are usually insects/spiders. And nope I haven't watched it. I didn't watch sci-fi for like 2-3 years now, after my cable company took it and food network. ;___; But I'm guessing they're running out of ideas, lst I've seen, they wwere.

YES we watched it. I laughed at the hovercraft part. But that was the only interesting part. And when they burned that dude's body. :/

And fine I'll make a wierd avatar w/ my items, hold on. ;D

Noo but I drew a pig instead of a cow for veal. I feel so stupid. I guess it was my fault for staying up till 4 to do Lee's essay.

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Urgh it's impossible to NOT encounter them, since more come the bigger Gaia expands. D;

Yes I was scared! Especially of ones w/ diseases and/or parasites. Have you watched Cabin Fever? That movie's disgusting. D:< And those ghost ones are too. I nearly died watching Boo. It was so grossss. D: The funny ones usually are those animal ones, like "Anacondas VS Saver Tooth Tiger" or "RATS". Those are just filmed terribly and I actually can sit through them. xD As for the movie, I guess it's just me, Andrew, and you can bring your twin too if you'd like. We need more people! Well it's still in development so hopefully we can gather a few more people. And I knowwww! But I'd rather wait to watch the movie, since the first day is CROWDED
Ahh tektek competitions? I never do them since I'm still an amateur at dressing up. I think I'm improving though! And if you think my avatars are good you should check out the avatar arenas. Some people can do magic with their avatars. XD

Yes we shall start a new monetary exchange rate based on household items and pixels! Maybe we can start a civilization on Gaia. >;D

Hmm, I think I freaked someone out with my fried Ms. Piggy pic. But that doesn't count as making someone uncomfortable does it? :/

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Argh, and I totally forgot about the event! But I probably made someone uncomfortable, it's what I do best. ;D

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Yesyesyes. Unfortunately there's no forum for sophisticated people though. ;(

I know, I remember I used to huddle on my sofa at night watching a sci fi marathon till like 12 at night. They were usually entertaining, whether terribly filmed, or plot wise. YES alright we need to plan on Monday, can you hang after french for a bit? Winona's not coming w/ us though, her mom forced her to go today. D:< she's gonna critique it for us though.

Aww but I don't know who to cosplay as. My tekteks usually turn out awful too. I'm right now focusing on getting more items so I have a larger variety of items. D;

Yayy we can totally do, like, trades between material and pixel items!


[img:1a27eed6be]malformed url[/img:1a27eed6be]

Haha (: