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The man behind the mystery, or is it the mystery behind the man?

Who am I?

Well, maybe it's best you don't know everything about me, you know for both my security and yours.

Fine, alright, my name is Neal Caffrey, former (alleged) art thief extraordinaire, among other things (allegedly), now I work for the same federal agency that brought me down. Oh no wait, it gets better, I'm actually partners with the same man who caught me ... twice (He'd say three; he's wrong). But it's not really as bad as it sounds: just don't let Peter hear me telling you that, as if he doesn't have enough things to hold over my head as it is. So yes, I do work with the FBI as their 'Consultant' on special cases. So what stops me from running? Well, this little piece of jewelry on my ankle isn't here for looks, that's for sure. But who knows, maybe that's not the only thing keeping me here, because we all know that I could run if I really wanted to. I think I might like it here; it's at least worth trying it out for awhile longer. Maybe I'm done running, figuratively of course because I've found it doesn't matter what side of the law you're on, when you're me it always involves a lot of running, some bullets and maybe a life-threatening situation once or twice a week. I guess I'm doubly cursed; I certainly live in interesting times and maybe, just maybe, I've found what I was looking for.

-- Neal


Lord Virgo on 04/02/2020


"I'll admit I've done a lot of things in my life that I'm not proud of...

No, that's not true; I'm proud of most of them."

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