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A Short History of Nothing

It would be pretty cool if someone drew my avatar sitting on the Iron Throne like Ned Stark. Just sayin'.

If we haven't talked before, don't send me a friend request.

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First result in a google search. I'm online way too much. sweatdrop
This is why it takes some time for me to respond to things, chill and i'll get back to you at some point.

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Champion Andrew wants to battle...

So, i've had a few PMs asking me where I am and why I don't go in the GD anymore. The answer is simple, my time there was fun... but it's over.. I will stick to one guild I like and an art hangout I frequent. No, you can not change my mind and I have no intentions or desire to return to the General Discussion or any other parts of the site other than my guild and the aforementioned art hub.. I had my time, it's over. If you want to talk to me, do it here.

I enjoy intelligence and sophistication. Talk to me about books, and chances are, we will be friends.

Things you should know:
I'm Andrew. Not Andy, Not Drew.

BIG props to Gurei for making me my CUSTOM emotes.
Thanks bro, you're MAH BOIII.

This is Kyelay, she is my bf4e&e.
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She made me a .gif sign that you will NEVER, EVER be able to top
but by all means go ahead and try.

4000th comment: Je Peux!
5000th comment: Bee was for Bumble
6000th comment: PrickEnvy
7000th comment: Pokepornography
8000th comment: Rawwr Them Senseless
9000th comment: Mee-uhh
10000th comment: Rawwr Them Senseless
11000th comment: S n a z z y
12000th comment: Boombox Theology


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Fa kiu xD Report | 12/21/2015 10:20 pm
Fa kiu xD
why'd you remove best ucle in the world?? ;DD
The88YearOldProstitute v2 Report | 04/30/2015 10:14 am
The88YearOldProstitute v2
Just to put into perspective, the last time we talked I was probably 14/15. I'm 22 now.
Random comment, I know. My day is going really slow today.
But Whatever Report | 06/21/2014 6:57 pm
But Whatever
My Styles Of Poetry Report | 04/15/2014 11:07 am
My Styles Of Poetry
Happy birthday! biggrin
My Styles Of Poetry Report | 11/07/2013 7:56 pm
My Styles Of Poetry
I seriously forgot to comment back. I apologize...... How has writing been going? I remember you talking about it back in the day in the guild.

Things have been going well with me. I quit smoking. It was really hard but I did it. smile I have just been working a lot. I work in a hospital in food service, sanitation and sometimes i do data entry for them as well. Its not a bad job. I just run a lot.
My Styles Of Poetry Report | 10/05/2013 1:36 pm
My Styles Of Poetry
Nice to see ya on. Things have been good I have just been working a lot. How is everything with you?
My Styles Of Poetry Report | 09/28/2013 8:36 pm
My Styles Of Poetry
I just thought my eyes were deceiving me. eek
PrickEnvy Report | 09/05/2013 10:52 am
PrickEnvy Report | 09/05/2013 9:25 am
Thank you darlin!
Toxically Euphoric Report | 11/30/2010 6:29 pm
Toxically Euphoric
dude. youre so cool. stare


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>mfw I have no face


______ was here.

Signs and art

Vaginal Crust - This girl/Sign are both epic wins.
Our Lady Of Autonomy - Cool sign, cool kid.
Karurix- Great Avi Art. Thanks.
Walking Contradictions - Sign one from this cool kid.
Walking Contradictions - Sign two, just as awesome.
Pixelation Hallucination - Awesome sign, with a cat!
Lollika- sometimes the simple signs are the best.
mimori-forever - this sign makes me chuckle. I like it.
TaintedFairyXXX - Signs with inside jokes are the best.
NuggleBuns - I like this sign, a lot.
mimori-forever - this avi art is total win.
The Emperor of Chaos - signs don't have to be fancy to be good.
coffee lust - can't win em all...
Trashy Superstar___X - This one is nice, it's in pink... lol
Murderous Lemur - love this sign. Very creative.
UNTRANSLATED- who knew the green goblin had a menstrual cycle.
xXxEver rosexXx - PACMAN, FTW!
Annrules - and she does rule!
Bee is for Bumble - this is why I miss "Paint"
The Beatlemaniac - this sign is WIN for so many reasons.
mimori -forever - FINALLY someone did it...
SlightLeigh - yummeh.
Adelheid` - EPIC!
Bee is for Bumble - Name humor is humorous.
II-Kerrang-II - nice sign.
Laharl Part Deux - Most detailed avi art yet. I really like it.
When Suey Flies - This s**t is awesome.
seori - the chip reference finally catches on
TickleGasm - video sign for the win.
Alices r a b b i t - this sign is to hxc to even comprehend.
Candy Apple Kisses - yay!!!
Deadly Disgrace - Very unique sign, that makes it cool.
Vaginal Crust - listen to the girl
Vaginal Crust - kiki on head n_n
Necropheliaddict - thanks for a cool sign.
|2oss - CD sign!
GDs tAtUu - Yes, you can have some.
Bloodymary_88_xoxo - birthday sign yay.
Electricity Babe -nother bday sign, cool cool.
Die Sektor - cool stuff.
Maggot Disaster - cool sign
Frogmyte - awesome avi art
SociallyIneptButterfly - I am a magic card now! lol
Teh88YearOldProstitute - waited SO long for this sign... finally it is here.
S K Y E - cool sign, cooler kid.
Cayles - Awesome.
Anchors and Angels - Epic sign.
Kendra the Germ - i do not!!
WHITE-HORROR - very cool avi at
Luniesta - cool sign
Rejection hotlines mule - i lol'd
H e l l o S u g a r - art. Tis very cool.
FLASHTRAFFIC- nice sign.
XRitaX - thanks for the art.
PlasticSynthPopStars - i has love?
Sagoh - stick people, ftw.
MVP93O92 - there is a lot going on in this sign, lol.
SereneStrength - hand sign!
I Are Buddha - WOO, the ONLY I Are Buddha Sign on the net.
I Are Buddha - they love me.
Slut Minority - look at the silly wall behind hayley.
Rawwwrr Me Senseless - hiding behing the flash...
Rawwwrr Me Senseless - It says "I love The Muncho" in Irish Gaelic.
Invisible Sarah - Om nom nom nom.
Foxii Grandpa - cool sign.
Nalarose - hand sign.
Pokepornography - lol @ inside joke
Pokepornography - blush bluhs indeed.
Smeggi - commissioned art
Smeggi - another commissioned art.
Life In A Box - raquuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Majestick Kiwii - nmu?
Immortal Devotion - awesome.
Annrules - tis art n__n.
Art Snob Solution - mask sign.
Slut Minority - cool art.
Schizotypal Infatuation - very cool art.
SereneStrength - paint art.
iKye - oh baby.
SereneStrength - Blood sign. s**t's hardcore.
hello s u g a r - talk to this girl, shes awesome.
Cough of Death - breathe easy.
Xphoria - Can i have your goti clips for free? lolol.
Bee is for Bumble - get many a hand sign.
Vaginal Crust - I miss you more.
Cough of Death - vid sign.
Cough of Death - cool sign.
cough of Death - another one, this is madnes!
SereneStrength - Syringe 1
SereneStrength - Syringe 2
ShadyxShad - Art.
Plastic Synth Pop Stars - Art.
Sandwhich Artist - Shop'd, but thats ok.
You Have No Enemies - I'm not ***** bear material but..
Subliminal Vogue Post it.
War Within A Breath - Cool sign.
xRitax - this is awesome.
Lil_chicky13 - buy her art.
xchrom0somexx - cool sign.
Shudra/ThePubicHairFairy - Yeeeeeeeeah.
Pokepornography - damn it, you lost the game too.
Nyletak Necropheliac - awesome art.
shortphilospher - cool sign.
Nalarose - ... freaking BEACH sign.
Goldfish - FINALLY!
Cayles - I like Snorlax.
Pokepornography - No, I really like Snorlax.
RapeInABag - Upside down...
RapeInABag - Right side up.
BeeIsForBumble - They're all cool Steph.
Cayles - Buy Cayles art!
PrickEnvy - very artsy.
Gurei - siiick art.
Polaroid Picture - nice sunglasses.
DjWhoreXX - paint art.
Audio Rainstorm - pirate wedding.
Utopiates - She bought this art for me.
Utopiates - she also bought this chibi for me.
sinnickson - cayles and i.
NoFlutter - AMAZING.
The Parisian Doll - Chips? lolol.
JaLoYoTi - ******** ******** YEAH.
Protoplasmic Dissolution - I've been waiting forever for this.
Utopiates - cool sign.
Abuse Your Illusions - one of two.
Abuse Your Illusions - two of two.
iKye - best sign ever made. you cant top it.
Apathetic Kendra - no u.
BeeIsForBumble - art from steph.
Utopiates - art from someone named katie.
Hane Riddle - art.
eeeeeegggggggssssss - skye, erin and I.
Pokepornography - i'm stealing that hat.
Mustache Mama - one.
Mustache Mama - two.
Mustache Mama - three.
Mustache Mama - four, the cheeeese.
Fight on Fighter - art.
Key Air Uhhh - SOPHISTICATION and I.
Suzz - awesome art, thanks brudda.
The Dirty Pirate - d'aww thanks.
Annrules - BICYCLEEEE.
Bedbugs and Ballyhooo - rawr.
[DethByDuctTape]/Jewtopia - ********' ******** yeah.
ameichel - art!
Goldfish - thank you jenna.
Gurei - haha, fore sure man.
Barbiedoll Whoregasms - it's mutual shawna, tee hee.
YoungLondon - thank youu.
PrickEnvy - She's got legs, she knows how to use em.
LEN0RE - 'Stache.
LEN0RE - Ew, get your finger outta your nose.
LEN0RE - Cheek.
TheCocainePixie - Kitty...
TheCocainePixie - ...Cat.
TheCocainePixie - this is relevant to my interests.
TheCocainePixie - Oh hai Ashley.
SirOthello - art.
Je Peux! - d'aw, thanks Anne.
ameichel - n___n
ameichel - heh, i love it.
Little Miss Palindrome - legsss.
PrickEnvy - Art from Tess.
TehStripedPajamas - Commissioned art.
Quintessentials - Art from Erin.
RayPest - Art from Andy.
Pokepornography - Snorlax part I.
Pokepornography - Snorlax part II.
`Peas and Carrots - n_____n
Darth Titties - Signage and boobage, Sweet.
A_Rotten_Corpse - cool hat.
Rampageous - peace.
SlySavvy - vid sign.
Darth Titties - avi art.
Bee was for Bumble - so so so many sekrits.
Nyletak Necrophiliac - heh, i like it.
V-chi-Toshi - best valentine ever.
Suellenn - shaaaame.
Mee-Uhh - nice pen.
Barokku - sweet art.
Spaz-kun - OMFG
PhotographicGenocide - Sidewalk'd.
GloryRose I'm on a boat.
FeedsLikeCancer - Kayla's a cutie.
iRape - colon cute colon.
Gurei - SMASH!
Ravenouss - BODYSLAM!
Nyltak Necrophiliac - ahhrmmm?
XxMorganCecilXX - oh, thats nasty.
Jewtopiates - hi-lar-ee-us.
Jewtopiates - i have no idea.
Jewtopiates - Jenn cranks out art.
NYLETAK Necrophiliac - More art from Katelyn.
T H E Y A L L S U C K - ******** Ryu.
T H E Y A L L S U C K - Muncho vs Pokepornography.
T h e y A l l S u c k - slide forward punch!
T h e y A l l S u c k - Elite Four Muncho wants to battle...
FeedsOnChildren - n_______n.
Kid Vengeance - art.
Boombox Theology - signage.

The night is dark and full of terrors.