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WAIT! Before that! Pictures!
1) Me nomming on my loli
3)Me nomming on Chicken sandvich
4)Me watching you fap to this
5)Me just being awesome
If you want to ask a question, I'll post it up here.

Q:Is this your main account?
A:For now anyway.

Q:What is your real name?
A: Adam Carter

Q:Where do you live?
A: Somewhere far away from my stalkers.

Q:Anyone you love?

Q: How old are you?
A:You do the math I was born 12/4/92

Q: Do you like Anime?
A:Hell yeah. I'm sorta an Animetard. xD

Q:What Animes?
A:Whatever anime is good.

Q: Do you like music?
A: Yes.

Q: What types of music?
A: Pretty much everything except for Rap, R&B, Hip-Hop, and the most evil of all....DISNEY!!!!

Q:Why do you think Disney is Evil?
A:I think Disney is evil because IT IS!!!

Q:What do you do in your free time?
A: Play zOMG, play other MMORPGs, Play some FPS, go chat in the forums, and then go clean up around the fire company, go on fire calls, and other wonderful stuff like that. biggrin

Q:You still play with toys?
A: Yes I do. Gotta problem with that?

Q:What games do you play on DS?
A: Pokemon!

Q: What do you do on the computer?
A: Stoof

Q:When did you first realize that you were made of awesome?
A:When I had to use a word to describe myself. I made up Awesometacular, which is actually more than awesome, and only a person made of awesome would know that he/she is awesometacular. :3

Q: Do you like Happy Meals?
A: No, No I don't.


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C u r s i v e B e a r

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C u r s i v e B e a r

I miss you too D;

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word up vex

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paige rage

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paige rage

Nope! smile
paige rage

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paige rage

I surpass many in the art of making sammiches cool
paige rage

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paige rage

Same year and everything lol
paige rage

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paige rage

Holy s**t.
We have the same birthday.
Ryori Akabane

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Ryori Akabane

Yes when
Ryori Akabane

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Ryori Akabane

Ryori Akabane

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Ryori Akabane



They will look towards me for salvation, and I shall look down upon them and say "No."