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I think that just about sums me up.

So, here are some results of quizzes I've taken:

(What Type of Girl Are You?)
I am apparently I am the nerdy girl. Eh. Oh well.

(Which of the Greek Muses Are You?)
I am Euterpe, the muse of music. I am an inventor, and I constantly come up with new ideas. I am happy when everyone else is happy. Well.....yeah.

(What Type of Jedi Are You?)
I am the Jedi Guardian. I am on the front lines of every battle. I find that combat is the only way to decide something. Raw power and Light saber techniques are my strengths.

(What FF7 Character Are You Most Like?)
I am most like Rude of the Turks. I am hard to get along with because I think the most important thing in the world is myself; and I want everyone to know it. I flaunt my talents and abilities, even if I'm not the best - and I never pass up the chance to show off.(This is wrong. WRONG!)

(What Colour Are You?)
My color is purple. I am very intelligent and optimistic about things.
Well, that was short and sweet.

(Which Age/Era Do You Belong In?)
I Scored as 1800s The Old Wild West America. Hmmmm, that is interesting.

(Which Disney Character is Your Alter Ego?)
I scored Peter Pan 100%!
My alter ego is Peter Pan. I am a child at heart. Anything I believe is possible, and I never want to grow up.

(What Final Fantasy Xll Character Are You?)
If you haven't realized this yet, I like Final Fantasy.
I am Balthier!!!!! I have a partner and I have a silver tongue(not literally). Well, I guess I do have a partner/counterpart (Her name would be Nanerbutt!), and I have been told I have a silver tongue by a friend. I just don't really know what that means.....let me look it up......Ah! 'Silver tongue is an expression used to describe a person who is able to clearly and effectively express themselves, or who has a clever way with words.'
That sounds like it fits.

(This Quiz Can Guess Your Name!)
Well, this quiz guessed wrong. My name is NOT Bill. (Just to narrow down the possibilities for all you child predators out there.)

(What is Your Heart Filled With?)
My Heart is Filled with Imagination. I sometimes doze off having daydreams about, well...anything.

(What Song Are You?)
I am Sting's "Englishman In New York". I either love being different, or understand that it isn't really the whole 'being different', but just doing things the way I'm used to doing. Be yourself, no matter what they say.

(How Will You Die?)
I will most likely be bitten by some strange animal, and then I will die. Yikes.

(Ninjas Invade Your House, Will You Survive?)
I Scored as Out the window...
Luckily, I hear the ninjas before they kill me. I jump out of a house window and land softly. I run quickly to my neighbors and explain what's happening. They call 9-1-1. I live!

(What Kind of Fire Are You?)
I Scored as Yellow Candlelight.
I am candlelight glowing in deep gentle hues of yellows and orange. I am a mild person who provides comfort and soothes in my own ways. I am small & delicate but no less precious for it.
Nuh-uh! *insert buzzer sound effect here* WRONG!

(What Colour is Your Aura?)
I Scored as Golden
I am a person who knows that I'm going to have the strength and the decision to come up where you've proposed it. This kind of person is very wise and tends to be admired. Mm, great.

(Which DGM Character Are You?)
(I swear to Jesus, if I get Krory AGAIN, I will be PO'd.)
This time I got Lenalee. No? I don't have a clingly brother and I do not enjoy being rescued. But of course, does she? I don't think so. This is not a very accurate quiz.

(What Fighting Sytle Fits You?)
I Scored as Charisma
My words are my weapon. I can turn people against each other for my own benefit. I use no physical weapons. My weapons include my charm, politics and manipulation of human emotions. Yikes, this sounds incedibly cruel, but somehow, it all makes sense. Put this together with my 'silver tongue' comment, and you've got one clever, charismatic Musician.

(What High School Clique Do You Belong To?)
You Scored as Punk
.....Really? That's all it says?

(Which Type of Beauty Lies Within You?)
This one was e-mailed to me.
I Scored as Faithful Beauty
I am very hopeful and believe anything is possible. I believe in miracles and it's possible I am looking for one. I observe love as one of the most beautiful things in the world.


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G.A.S.P.! You're NUDE! (~ish) Quick! Put some clothes on, before someone sees! (ha, ha. lolz.)


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Heehee! I like ur status!
BTW, what's ur avitar supposed to be now??
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Hehe!! Jana, you never know when some one is just gonna shoom right in and make you prego!
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whee *giggles* SHOOOOOMMMMBOOOM!!! Hehe *does basehunter dance* remember?? LOL
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Hehe SHOOOOOOMBOOM!!! *looks at you and looks away. looks at you again and looks away again. takes hand......*

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Everythings is fine!! Y wouldn't i!!! Hehe


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I just thought this was hilarious.