sup? you've managed to find my profile, which means you must have like, a cool magnet on your back or something.

anyway, bouts da me. i'm mandy. durr. or you can call me amandurr. whatever.

i like most types of music, but i'm a huge rock and late 80's/90's fan, and my favorite bands are nickelback, matchbox 20, bon jovi, hoobastank, the goo goo dolls, no doubt (gwen on her own = suckage) and basically any band with sound(s) like that.
i also like country; my favorites from there are lonestar (before the lead quit), reba mcentire, rascal flatts, taylor swift, and it depends on the song, but i usually like craig morgan.
but seriously, play a song, pretty much, and i'll listen to it.
i play the oboe, or in other words, the water-powered kazoo. i also know how to play the trumpet.
yes, i know, i'm a total band geek.
and a geek in general, in fact. i normally get straight a's -stabs a certain history teacher- and i take all honors/preap classes.

i'm agnostic, and i do celebrate christmas, but just because it's an american holiday.
and don't get offended if i don't respect a religion. i just don't know better. really. i was never educated in this stuff.

i really am a nice person, and although i usually rub off on people in strange ways, if you get to know me, i'm really not so bad. i really don't get why people tend to avoid me, so i normally keep to myself. i wouldn't mind a phone call once in a while, though... -looks out the window- aaah! the sun!

sometimes, i don't mind some drama; it lets you know that your life is normal and crap, but i really don't have any. and i haven't had any this year. the only thing i really can't take is when people fight over stupid things like, "she didn't wait for me!"
build a bridge and get over it.

i really can't stand blatantly stupid/arrogant people. by this, i mean the kid who's like, omg, i'm the smartest kid ever, but doesn't know crap about anything. i'm also a spelling/grammar freak.

i'm all for saving the planet, acting green, buying hybrids, etc, etc. yes, i'm a big hippie. a big, fat hippie. okay, not really. because i'm not fat.

as silly as it is, i'm insecure sometimes, but aren't we all? i don't wear makeup (except for the pimple cover-up crap), but really, i prefer to get good sleep in the morning than get up and put stuff on my face.

i'm a video game fanatic, and nintendo is the bomb. brawl comes out in march, and i'm totally psyched (yes, i preordered)! classic arcade games = amazing, and pinball and pacman are the cream of the crop. ddr is probably one of the smartest inventions ever; exercise and video gaming all in one. hello, can you say awesome? guitar hero is addictive too, as well as wii sports. just on a closing note, there is no doubt in my mind that all of those male-only hot tub parties at the mario residence were luigi's doing. just saying.

so anyway, that pretty much wraps up the wonderfully amazing person that i am.



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Hey Amanda, nice avi! Is the boy "John?"

Report | 02/27/2010 8:19 pm


Yeah babe you're on FIRE! also welcome back seriously it's good to know I'm not alone on gaia smile

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ty 4 buying

Report | 11/26/2009 10:14 am


Your avi is ready for christmas already!
Crimson Night Mistress

Report | 11/19/2009 4:45 pm

Crimson Night Mistress

ty for ur purchase

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You finally got on again! Yays! biggrin DDDDD

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LOL and this is why I love you smile

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Thankyou for keeping your price below mine in the market. I'm currently trying to do the oppoiste of AI and deflate saltwater. Only now are people begginning to go along with my plan and lower theres and the overall begins to drop. Thankyou!
overlord jin ex

Report | 11/03/2009 3:38 pm

overlord jin ex

ty for buy from SIN ur betray is profitable

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