Sa"ix n. The Luna Diviner >> "Don't be reckless-- Do you want to end up like Riku?"


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Name; S a ï x . <
Age; Relatively mid 2 O ' S . <
Birthplace; u n k n o w n . <
Weaponry; C l a y m o r e . <
Ties; Z e x i o n, Roxas, X e m n a s, Demyx.

Next to Xemnas, Saïx is possibly the most "nobody-like" of the Organization and despite claiming to remember what possessing a heart was like, behaves mostly as a cold, emotionless and efficient operative. In almost all of his appearances, he acts very calmly, never losing composure in even the direst of situations. He appears to be the most intelligent member of Organization XIII next to Xemnas. The only other members who may be able to exhibit these two traits are Marluxia and Zexion. The only thing Saïx seems to "care" about is acquiring a heart and, by extension, Kingdom Hearts. More than any other member of the Organization, Saïx seems dedicated to their goal, repeatedly stating his desire to "truly, finally exist". Even his last words were to Kingdom Hearts, sadly asking for his heart. It is unclear, but unlikely that he knew of Xemnas' plans to use Kingdom Hearts for more power. Saïx can also be quite cruel, claiming to know very well how to injure a heart, and was not above manipulating Sora's emotions by having him beg to see Kairi, only to refuse his request. This calm exterior also belies a savagery. In his final confrontation with Sora under the heart-shaped moon of Kingdom Hearts, he becomes a berserk force of destruction. Unlike his calm and reserved manner that is usual of him, in battle he roars, shouts, and attacks like a ferocious beast with no sense of self control. In fact, he is practically psychotic with the influence of the moon.

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