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Alois Trancy :The Lovely Red Earl
Birthday: November 5, 1875
Age: 14
Title: Earl
Species: Human
Personality: Alois is a teenager with icy blue eyes and platinum blond hair; a singular, noticeable cowlick curls up to the left. He wears a long, plum purple frock coat, a forest green vest with black stripes and a black back, a white button-up shirt, black shorts, long black stockings, brown high heel boots with purple laces, and a charcoal ribbon tied around his neck. Alois' Faustian contract seal with Claude Faustus is an encircled, gold and red pentagram-like shape located on his tongue. His contract seal is not visible at all times, and is mainly only shown if Claude is nearby.
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Alois seems to have a cheerful disposition in spite of all his hardships. His emotions are quite unpredictable, however, and fluctuate from enthusiastic to angry. He also loses interest in things fairly quickly. Alois often uses harsh and impolite language regardless of whom he is speaking to, such as "bloody" or other swear words. One of his few consistent traits is his attachment to his butler, Claude Faustus, whose attention he constantly tries to attract. His horrific childhood, which contained no parental figures, is the likely cause of his extreme need for affection and acknowledgment. Although his harsh temper was evident even in childhood, his sadistic streak, bizarre promiscuity, and crude language stem from the sexual abuse he received shortly before contracting with Claude.

Alois punishes Hannah. To feel in control and dominate, he uses sexual manners to express control. Alois enjoys the authority of a noble he obtained, and utilizes his power rather sadistically. In order to feel dominant, he abuses others and makes them feel inferior for the sake of his own satisfaction. Alois particularly directs this cruelty to Hannah Anafeloz by lashing out physically and demeaning her with vile remarks, particularly when he believes that she is trying to take someone else's attention away from him. Despite how he mistreated her, Hannah later admits that she has loved Alois all along. His attitude towards her changes completely; he accepts her loving him, since he can no longer gain any of the acknowledgment he sought from Claude.

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"Darkness. Darkness. Darkness envelopes me. But it's only you... I desire... I desire you!"
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"Then show me those eyes. Not the eyes of those villagers who
looked as if they'd seen a pile of s**t. Not the old man's greedy,
inflamed eyes. That day, those eyes. Those eyes that longed only for me, Claude."

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heart The Little Blue Noble and The Lovely Red Earl heart
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(My name is Michaela..

I'm 17. I grew up in Arizona with My grandparents. We moved 7 years ago to where I am now. I cosplay alois in real life, and I LOVE anime.
Im a pretty laid back person. Im open and blunt, But I like to think I'm caring. I love animals, jogging, Reading, Writing, Drawing, cooking, and I also enjoy painting, now.. there isn't much to say about me so, thank you for viewing my profile.)

*Profile made by The Little Blue Noble and Lord Sieglinde Sullivan*


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The Little Blue Noble

Report | 01/01/2015 9:11 pm

The Little Blue Noble

(Ohhhh its ok!!!! xDDD sorry for late reply girlie! how are you doing?!!!)

*The Earl smirks to Alois in a loving manner. For the first time he has actually opened up to someone who was no relation with him. Lizzie of course he loves her and cares for her, yet love is different towards her, it is more innocent and sister loving. With Alois, his love to him was much more than average comprehension to a brother. As the two were alone waiting for the butlers to prepare their lunch, they were sitting in the shade with a huge tree spreading like stars in the sunny skies. The breeze was cool yet not cold and overwhelming. Making sure they were alone with no witnesses, Ciel reached his hand to Alois's neck and brought him close to himself as he reached for a kiss to his rosy lips. Gentle and but a bit aggressive, the young earl was in complete devotion to his business partner. *

"When we arrive back to England i want you and i to have special dinner. Just you and i and no one else." *His words were true and sweet yet determined. "When the show starts, your fashion line will be forever known for the centuries ahead. i am honored to have helped you Alois."

"Oh it seems someone doesnt have enough space?" *The butler chuckled amusing seeing the maid become easily teased. He served the last plates with drinks. The table set was ready and so was lunch. The servants did everything professionally knowing it will satisfy their earls. The butler stopped his tracks when he felt his Ciel in love? Sebastian tighten his jaw and continued to mask his jealousy by smiling and being friendly to his demon companions. A perfect actor was he as well as everything else.
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 12/26/2014 2:40 pm

The Little Blue Noble

yes sure lets continue!!! ^^ THANK YOU BABE YOU TOO!!!! merry late xmas.
I shall wait for your rp reply~~~
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 12/08/2014 8:59 pm

The Little Blue Noble

yay~~~!!!! 4laugh Thats awesome news dear!!!
so are we going to continue the rp? looool! x
XDDD or should we start a new one? And maybe if you want to make it humorous as well as both characters do hate each other. well in my case i hate you. looool lol or maybe love chase idk! xDD
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 12/06/2014 12:28 pm

The Little Blue Noble

yooo nigggg~~ XD whats up!!

Report | 09/16/2014 1:46 pm


ALOIS!!!!!!!!!!! *waves* biggrin
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 09/11/2014 3:12 pm

The Little Blue Noble

*The butler helped by adding the table cloth and began to place the foods neatly for the boys to enjoy. Then with grace, he swiftly placed the napkins and plates. He decided to make a fruit salad for a nice touch. Cutting the strawberries, oranges, melons, bananas, apples, and elegantly added a sweet syrup to give it a fresh sensation. The bowl of fruits looked delicious to eat as charm was the butlers number one key.* All finished! *The bowl looked like a piece of art as he shows it off to his butler companions* A las~ art has been forms to show its exquiste masterpiece in any form! Fresh fruits freshly picked from the gardens! I have to say, this will be one fine lunch! * Sebastain has a way of speaking like a commercial*
Help me? In what way? You have done .... More than you already know. * Ciel admitted it in a flush and touched his cheek gently in tenderness.* And i believe people will enjoy your work. Nina was fond if your work and she is an expert on that field. * He smirked warmly* Dont think anything from it...give your all and the show will speak for itself.
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 09/10/2014 7:46 pm

The Little Blue Noble

*The butler snickered since he knew he was being a know it all. But Claude's temper can be felt! He tried to not laugh out loud at the spider butler's anger. It was fun messing with Claude.* Shall I prepare the tea? *He asked with a grin on his face*
Of course I am. I am interested on how the show will become. The models look great and I have a feeling people will enjoy it. *Ciel's hand smoothly feels Alois's head gently with care* Are you nervous?
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 09/10/2014 6:55 pm

The Little Blue Noble

Agh....I can never get use to their ways of living. Honestly, perfume doesn't solve odor. stare *The Earl scoffed and rolled his eye and then when Alois pointed at the butlers he just had a straight face. Sebastian causing trouble on purpose.* They act like an angry marriage couple. *He smirks liking the view* Maybe I can get use to it.
*Sebastian glances at boochan and glares, he looks satisfied, he thought to himself as he was in a fighting stance* Yes Claude maybe you should listen to Hannah. She is after all the voice of reason in this situation. *He chuckles at her comment and he grins* I cant help it sometimes! I have to say the obvious! lol
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 09/10/2014 6:04 pm

The Little Blue Noble

(LOOOL! XD oooopppss~~~~ omg. rofl well I guess u can go with the flow?!) lol
The Little Blue Noble

Report | 09/10/2014 5:01 pm

The Little Blue Noble

*The Earl stares at up Alois sitting finally normal and dreaming about how charming and pleasant france was. He raised his eyebrow and layed back behind the tree with his arms supporting his head being comfortable.* Well yes France is a beautiful country if you ignore all those French snobs who cheat off newcomers in their homeland. And not to mention, they barely take baths. Disgusting fools. stare *Anyone can tell Ciel probably had bad experiences in france before. He frowned at the thought*

Oh dear! *Sebastian dodges the daggers and wonders where the heck they came from* Did you prepare weapons for today? Claude my goodness! We are trying to have a peaceful evening.* That douche.*


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