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Theadora Amelia Dearden-Queen
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Strength is not measured in size but in Ability
And I am more than Able

Your protection only hurt me

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Real Name
Theadora (Thea) Amelia Dearden
Current Alias



Team Arrow; formerly
the Teen Titans

Adoptive Mother Moira Queen, Adoptive brother Oliver Queen

New Earth

Base Of Operations
Star City, California; formerly San Francisco, California (as a member of the Teen Titans); London, Metropolis Out Lands,


5' 4"

105 lbs (48 kg)




Marital Status
Dating - Roy Harper

Adventurer; Student;
Club Operation Manager

O'Neal High School
Accepted to Harvard

The current version of Mia that I play is a mixture between Smallville's Mia, Thea Dearden Queen from Arrow and ofcourse Judd Winnick's amazing snarky little street Rat!

Mia was a teenaged girl who ran away from home after being abused by her father. Unable to survive on her own, she fell in love with a man named Richard, who offered her shelter and food in exchange for exploiting her in child prostitution. [1] Mia was rescued from one of her clients, a depraved local politician, by "Green Arrow" Oliver Queen, who had just recently returned from the dead. Mia continued to work with Oliver, who was busy trying to reconstruct his own life, and she began to train at archery under his reluctant tutelage. Mia continually petitioned Green Arrow to allow her to serve as his sidekick, but Oliver continually demurred, not wanting to put another youngster at risk. As Oliver Queen got his life back in order, Mia fantasized that she would one day become Green Arrow's new crime-fighting partner and began taking up practice with the bow. Once the Emerald Archer learned of her desire, he nipped it in the bud, instead emphasizing that she concentrate on her academic studies. Mia began to work after classes in the Star City Youth Recreational Center with Queen and his son, Connor Hawke.

When Mia tested positive for HIV, a legacy from her years on the street, she was more determined than ever to do something special with her life. Green Arrow felt he at least owed it to Mia to give her a chance. Mia became his sidekick, the second one to don the costumed identity of Speedy. [2] To complement her training, Mia also joined the Teen Titans at Ollie's request, though she did so at first reluctantly. After facing foes such as Doctor Light and the new Brother Blood, Mia left the Titans shortly following the events of Infinite Crisis. During the Lost Year, she trained heavily in various forms of the martial arts alongside Ollie and Connor under the tutelage of many of the world's greatest martial artists. She has committed herself to working with Team Arrow, and has already begun establishing her own network of street contacts throughout Star City.
After the marriage of Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance, Mia continued to operate as Speedy, and accompanied Team Arrow throughout the rescue of Oliver from Themyscira and the subsequent pursuit of the League of Assassins. During this time, she met and developed a crush on British ally Dodger, who she began a relationship with. She has since relocated to London to be with him. Mia recently returned from London after she found that Dodger had had an affair with someone called Emma Watson(believed to be the actress). She returned just in time to save Black Canary during a battle, and to witness Ollie leaving.
edit Powers and Abilities
Green Arrow has taken Mia under his wing, training her with a bow and arrow. Although her archery is nowhere in the same league as Oliver's or Connor Hawke's, Mia has been ardently practicing her skills, and honing her bowmanship techniques. Mia is a vastly above-average fighter and acrobat, having trained underneath many of the world's top martial artists.
Strength level
Mia Dearden possesses the strength level of a girl her age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise. On occasion, her strength levels wane as a side-effect of her prescribed AIDS-related medication, which she takes on a regular basis.

Having contracted HIV, Mia Dearden must take the AIDS cocktail and keep herself in excellent physical condition.


Bow and trick arrows.

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WonderGirl_Cassie Report | 04/04/2016 9:06 pm
Are you alive? Just curious.....
Sonic Cry Report | 01/09/2016 8:08 pm
Sonic Cry
gaia_diamond gaia_star Happy Birthday! gaia_star gaia_diamond
TaniyahStyles Report | 11/01/2015 11:38 am
come back u b***h i miss you crying crying
Agent Clinton Barton Report | 02/13/2015 5:04 pm
Agent Clinton Barton
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dont you miss this?
Agent Clinton Barton Report | 02/07/2015 8:20 am
Agent Clinton Barton
* Roy had just gotten done checking the inventory, an putting away boxes, he saw Thea standing there.*
" Hey Thea, how are you"
Battling Bowman Report | 11/19/2014 2:33 pm
Battling Bowman
Hearing that Thea was going to be purchasing Club Verdant, it didn't surprise him all that much. Oliver was glad to know that the club wouldn't rot away and fall to waste. He was actually glad to hear that new life would be put into the works. "Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea what shape the club is in either." Sighing a bit, before providing a simple nod of his head towards Thea. "You are probably right, I probably am digging my own grave as we speak." He had been told that more than once as of late. He was too busy trying to gain control over Queen Consolidated again, at least attempting to do so. He had to buy over the committee board with not just his charms but a speech he had been working on with Felicity. His thoughts, soon altered course when Thea mentioned Lisa. She could see his demeanor saddened, as he lowered his head a bit. He was sorry that their relationship didn't last, and with the loss of their baby. Oliver swallowed hard, as he reached out for his glass of water. Thumbing the sweat covered exterior of the glass before taking a drink. Thea could see that the mentioning of Lisa was a touchy subject. Not that he wouldn't talk about her. They just hadn't seen each other until recently. When Thea mentioned Malcolm Merlyn, his eyes snapped upright and over at her. Perhaps shock? Or more along the lines of concern.
Battling Bowman Report | 10/30/2014 9:37 am
Battling Bowman
When Oliver and Thea embraced, whatever troublesome worries that may have been on his mind lifted. Its truly amazing the power behind a hug is. When the hug ended, he didn't want to feel as if he was invading her space by holding Thea too long. Parting ways to gesture towards a chair asking to join his sister at the table before taking a seat with one of his signature smiles. "I'm glad you sent me a message, I was worried, since I hadn't heard you contact me back for a while there. I also knew that you needed some space. I hope you plan on staying here for a while before venturing off again. I need you Thea. I can't... I don't want us to be apart like that again, please." Oliver stopped himself in mid-sentence as he listened to Thea speak. It seemed as if it had been longer than five months since he had heard her voice, seen her face. Tilting his head to the side he noticed a lot of changes. "You cut your hair, I like it."

You want something to eat? Are you ok? you look tired... Here he was carrying on about Thea, asking questions as well as pleading with her not to go off again. When he realized what she had said to him. "Yes, that sounds good actually." Calling over a waiter, he ordered a cheeseburger, fries and a tall glass of water. Before returning his attention back to Thea. He had been broke but had been working on some side jobs to keep some spare change in his pocket when he needed it. "Yes, I am tired, a lot has been going on here. I've also been worried about you, which explains my lack of sleep, Thea." That was the truth, Oliver had lost a lot of sleep because he had been worried about Thea and her well being. Anyone who's ever cared and loved someone knows this. "How are you? You look great by the way."
Battling Bowman Report | 10/30/2014 12:02 am
Battling Bowman
It had been far too long since he had seen Thea. Several months had passed and he had given the amount of space that she needed. Lord knows, she needed it after she had been fed all of the lies from himself, their mother and father. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't always the best decision. A decision he had made and knew that there would always be consequences. He only hoped that now was not too late. A large gathering of college kids walked inside the restaurant the same time Oliver did. He had arrived, he thought within a timely manner. When he turned his attention away from the host he spotted Thea. Feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted as soon as he saw her. Without any hesitation he made his way through the tables and over to where she was seated. "Hello Thea."
Agent Clinton Barton Report | 10/26/2014 4:12 pm
Agent Clinton Barton
Thank god because it was geting really lonley hear with out you, so what are you going to first sense your home *he lets out this big grin happy that shes home*
Agent Clinton Barton Report | 10/25/2014 11:37 am
Agent Clinton Barton
*smiles back alright ill be right back with your coffee, comes back an sits down with Thea with her coffee* so Thea iv missed you have you came back to star city
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