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Am Ariel And Welcome to My profile! Am the Daughter of King Triton So that means am a Princess. Am a mermaid as you can see and I love Being In Ocean Its So Fun there. I wanted to see whats the world out of the Ocean like and I did And i met my Prince too. Eric ahehe. We have a Daughter name Melody together Shez Adorable. I can sing Swim and talk Just like other ppl. Because am half Human half Fish duh.

Ҝingȡѳm ћearts

I met this Guy Name Sora and He was so Cool along with Hes other friends Doland and Goofy. We had a great time Making Alantica Better again. Because of Usala the Sea Witch Tricked me into making my dream come true By giving my daddy's Trident. She only wanted to rule Alantica And Kick my Dad out. But we Defeated her and He came back again To dance and sing 2 years after that ahehe

Come ѳn!

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