The Ghost

Hey people, I guess I should say a bit about myself here, huh? Well... I'm 21 and a total freak for books. So yes, I am a bibliophile, and can read anywhere from three books a day to seven depending on how bored I get. Video games are pretty awesome too, seeing as I live in the middle of nowhere. Um, lets see... I have a bunch of pets, which consists of three chickens, two dogs, and four cats.

I spend a lot of my time volunteering as a companion for hospital patients and work par time as a tutor. I love MMA and Boxing, guess that come with being raised with a bunch of guys.

Roleplaying is another favorite of mine as well. I tend to jump around the genres but typically always come back to fantasy/romance and supernatural romance. I hate the 'lit' stereotype people use on here, but I'm kind of lazy lit I guess? I can give 3-6 good paragraphs if I'm really into the rp, or I just tend to mirror length. So, yeah. Also, I'm not a chick who only plays chicks. I can double or simply just play the guy. I typically only do hetero pairings, but have nothing against slash ones. Just not my cup of tea is all.

Anything else ya wanna know, just shoot me a pm.