Wanna talk about embarrassment?? Just read my about me. LORD- I'll delete it but... hahh ah I think I'll care the shame.

Seriously, why are you on my profile page? Does anyone even care about these anymore? Legit. Go find some one active.

Thank you so much marshmeIIows
ok My name is Cathy.. A little about me...um I love to draw (anime) and Im a girl..lol Im so bad at this >.<

You see me...

I go by Cathy, but my real name is Catherine. I prefer Cathy, but I don't mind either. A Little about me you say? Well, I'm 18 year old living in this dramatic world full twists and turns. I would be that girl lost in her drawings. I draw a lot and sometimes I would put it up to show other or if not, it'll get tucked away for my eyes only. I normally draw anime, because it's just so full of color and cuteness, why wouldn't you want to draw it? I can draw real stuff as well it's just not as fun (Even tho I get more praise from it then from my anime works...go fig) Art isn't about praise just the fact that I know you like it, that's why I like hearing comments^_^

Take my hand let's go somewhere we can rest our souls...
I tend to get easily bored if I'm not interested in the first place of whatever I'm doing. Normally I'll be the person in your life to bring the random sarcastic remark or the person that makes you laugh with her random expressions. (On purpose or not) I like making people smile and happy if possible. I can come off as scatterbrained, but I'm deeper then you think. Very few people bothered to see that side, since I can get really deep (can come off as cold) so I don't try to explain myself...I prefer to follow the crowd rather than lead it off a cliff

Seen better times in yesterday...
To me, life is full of people and you can have a bucket full of "friends". Everyone wears mask really...because what you see isn't even close to what half those people truly are in the inside. I'm happy to say I know a handful of people enough that I don't see that mask, but I see who they really are. One day, I would love to see more faces then masks.

Hard to say everything will be okay...
I have a lot of people that are precious to me. I care for them even if we aren't as close as I wish to be, I care. I can name them all, but they should know who they are and I would be afraid that I would miss one in my hurry to write this. (The shame of me) There are two people among these that care for me and that I would die for. They show me they love me every day and because of them I'm happier then I would have been without them. My best friends, Angel and Shreya! smile

But to me you were perfect
Shreya has always been a great friend even back when I meet her in 9th grade. We became very close from all the conversations we had on IM and all the memories we have made off the internet. Lol She the main reason I started marching band at my school. I Love her to death and I wish her nothing, but the best As long as she's happy, I'm happy. I couldn't wish for a better friend! Death buddies forever biggrin

I'd give you my heart,And let you just hold it
Talking about being happy! Angel makes me a very happy girl! He's my lovely boyfriend and best friend! I love him to death, I really do. We have been going out now over two year and I have to say ...he made the years special. We have a lot in common and different at the same time. He has an amazing talent for music. It's always surprising me how awesome he is >_< and his ability to be good at everything he tries lol His even part of this band, CathLena. biggrin That's about it >< more information then you need to know and more about me lol ... Have a nice day

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Happy Birthday! dramallama heart blaugh
Sir Apollo

Report | 01/08/2012 9:03 pm

Sir Apollo

waaaaaaaattttt??? hi biggrin

Report | 08/22/2011 9:38 am


Cathy guess what im on gaia but also in class while on gaia ! biggrin
haha where supose to be do our thing but she ran out,, :/

Report | 08/02/2011 4:07 pm


Happy Birthday to you. heart heart 4laugh 4laugh
A Drumming Angel

Report | 10/20/2010 6:11 pm

A Drumming Angel

Cathy?? Haha!!

Report | 10/04/2010 4:17 pm


Oh yeah welllll my sister told me it was on may but idk?...
i might not go cuz i got grounded from going to this one sooo yeah but 20-4= 16 DAYS! left lol man a month takes forever to passs...
reallly i went with a couple of mine and omgggg we where like >>
be a distration that you have a ******** heart attack and ill steal as much as i can and run and do it again but take turns ;D
cuz eva thing was EXPINCIVEEE! sad

Aww haha nah i quit band ! so i can smoke weed biggrin
im kidddding... ;D aww this game is an away game ringgold and the next one is also away then its homecoming week i think lol its hard to know what to do when u dont have a band class like i found out we are plaing poker face and bad romance and i was like WTF!?!?! no WAY!! and they played it i almost pooped on myself ;D
awww looks like we are gunna see eachother in a year or more cuz im moving over the summer cuz my mom is making us move in with mike.... sad
~sigh~ oh welll its life...
what are you talking about bum job? school?
ur life?

Report | 09/26/2010 2:32 pm


Yeah butt you wherent there soo i was like oh ok...maybe next time...

Ohhhh that makes sense.. smile
yeahhh i don't have a band classs..... even though telling u know wouldn't do any good... D: sorry!!!
i don't have internet soo i hardly get on this stuff and when i do its not that long sad
but im not smexy gaia yes me no. lol biggrin
awwww.... its ok i miss you too...like when i ...umm...saww... spongeboob!!!!!!!!!!!!!...now that were men we can do anything!!! smile
:O you bought it or just saw it?!? (Ponyo)
omg i dont like that movie anymore only the song though!!! biggrin D
Ponyo! ponyo!!! da dada da da... DA ! " biggrin

Woo that was something lol
omg i went to an anime conv!!!! i was like :')
this is amazing and on may im going again but this time hoppppeeeefullly ill have a pikachu costume and and and and and !!!
moneyyyy bunches of moneyyy~~~~!!! biggrin DDD
to buy sexy stufff cuz cuz i saw this amaziiiiinnnnnggg ocarina but it was like 75 dolaaas and it sounded sooooo PERDY!!!!!!!
sad (((((
man alot of stufff has been going on in meh life surprised
how about yours?
and college? smile

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boo! blaugh
A Drumming Angel

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A Drumming Angel

HELLO biggrin guess who this is!! lol

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you dont look like a man...
Omg im uber sexy see me! biggrin
i got evathing wink
btw i went to your casa but u wherent home.. :/