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Birthday: 12/07/1989

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Hello to whoever's somehow gotten here!

I'm Kage. I'm known here on Gaia as that as well as by my real close friends. I like anime, manga, and music. I guess you could call me a bookworm. I still don't know if I would play a GOOD videogame or read a GOOD book first if I just got them. Well nothing too much interesting about me.

The art in the background was made by a Gaia friend, Sir Ichigo. I'm trying to figure out how to do the inside.. Perfect reason to learn some coding.. >> Not that, robotics season wasn't. As one of the last two programmers this year, I will now have to learn programming..

Thanks to Kenny for help with the coding! Thanks to Sir Ichigo for the art. The multimedia is not owned by me.


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I REALLY REALLY love to read. I'm obessed with reading and that is only seconded by anime/manga. I also read shounen-ai and yaoi stuff... I'll just write the same things I write about in my LiveJournal. Always welcome to read that...



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Chrysant Report | 07/18/2018 2:21 pm
It's been too long Kage! I'm well thanks, how have you been? Drop me a PM with a Twitter/Instagram/Facebook name or something so it doesn't have to be years between contacts xd
Chrysant Report | 07/15/2017 10:06 am
Oh man I slacked on the yearly comment thing.... Hope life is treating you well!
Chrysant Report | 11/25/2014 6:18 am
Yearly comment! Hope that all is well in the world of Kage.
Chrysant Report | 12/07/2013 2:24 am
Gaia tells me that it's your birthday - happy birthday Kage, where ever you may be. heart
Chrysant Report | 11/27/2012 2:58 pm
You need to come back to Gaia... For reasons and things.
Akiachan Report | 06/17/2012 12:42 pm
Hello my dear <3
jellykans Report | 03/22/2011 10:32 am
So sorry you burnt out on gaia, hope you make it back. I found you in Shaolin Woods, which I haven't yet joined but am probably about to, and your wishlist led me to interesting animal items and profiles of intersting people. I suspect you would be fun to play with. I am just learning zOMG - nearly killed myself there and my computer broke before a friend could help me learn it. Just got the laptop and internet back - wink And I am a total beginner to online rpg'ing. Hope you are enjoying rl activities!
Vyrania Report | 12/26/2010 11:43 am
Holy hellbunnies, it's been a long time since we talked.
It's such a same Free Art for Joo died. I had such fun with all of you.

How was your holiday, Kage-bu?
MadamOvary Report | 12/06/2010 10:01 pm
Happy Birthday. Saw it was and wanted to send you a Happy birthdaY WISH.
Chrysant Report | 09/30/2010 10:42 am
I'm good thanks, finally have a job. Start (hopefully) on Monday biggrin Not my ideal job (it's a telesales/consultation role, more people calling me than me calling them). Huzzah.
How's life?


I'm Alive. And Back!