On to my slight life,

I like My Chemical Romance & The Used, for my musical tastes.
I'm a Geeky kid. & I'm fifteen.
Altoids and soda, are my basic food groups.
Cools tee-shirts, jeans, and converse are my clothes.
I'm not into all the drama, I literally have three friends. I'm perfectly fine with that.
I have a boyfriend, he's also my best friend. ♥ Over a year together!
I like turtles. o3o
I'm german, and American Indian, I have a natural tan all year long.
I love Tim Burton's movies, and older movies. I like some new one's, but not a lot.
I like knives c: I dunno why, I just do!
Halloween, St.Patties day, Easter, and Christmas are my days!
I have a lot of books, and stuffed animals, and animals in general. >.<
Anything else just ask, because it's awkward talking about myself. xD
So basicly my main obsessions are My Boyfriend, MCR, Gerard Way & Hunger Games.