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I am a Marine stationed in Hawaii. I'm a comms guy, just waiting for his enlistment to end and hoping to pick up Sgt. in the process. I enlisted in October of 2005, at the beginning of my senior year in High School, and I shipped to boot in July of 2006. Before my ship date, I doubled up and completed two terms at my local community college, PCC, and I made the Deans list my second term. Since then I'm sure I've become dumber, lol. I'm currently trying to get a few College credits on the side, but I won't be able to get my degree until I'm out.


My hobbies include Sleep, Work, Gaming and whatever my friends want to do that day- be it bowling or hiking. I'm kind of a tag along, but I'm down for just about everything. I also enjoy my my Car, Da Beast! I'm a huge fan of military-related literature, from Warhammer 40k books all the way to historical documents. War is fun to learn about, and the characters, both real and imagined, are never dull.


I am what I call a "Modern Conservative" with some Libertarian but generally rightward leanings. My views have changed substantially over the years, and I find myself less and less socially conservative while at the same time becoming more rightward leaning in my economic and individualist leanings.

Before we get to the predictable part, my Liberal Bones. The ones I don't talk about around other people. ninja

1. I think that Legalizing Marijuana would be the death knell of American Crime, so I support it from a strictly secure-nation standpoint. Seriously. I would kill my child if I caught them smoking the sh*t. I would take their life... but I want it to be legal. Once the cash crop of Drug Dealers and gangs has been eliminated, I would attack Meth and what's left of the Coke market like a Rabid Dog.

2. I believe that we must reform Child Services. Big Time. I would double the total budget and quintuple the funding for oversight, effectively restructuring the organization as a branch of Law Enforcement. I also believe that there needs to be a significant market created for adopting children, and I would create one by doubling the Tax Exemption that an adopted child confers. To discourage this benefit from being abused, adopted children would be monitored Quarterly by trained Child Services Officers in a role that is similar (in purpose, not execution) to a Criminal Parole Officer. Adopted children would be monitored on a steadily decreasing scale until they are 18 years of age. These Officers would be trained, armed, and granted the ability to arrest suspects, request wiretaps and surveillance to the extent that State Law enforcement agencies are able. Abused children would immediately be removed from their new homes if sexual abuse, neglect or malnourishment were detected, and the offenders would be arrested. Monitoring for Foster Care would be Bi-Weekly.Orphan Abuse should not be tolerated.

3. I believe that student loans for low income families should be tax free, and applicable to all costs associated with a College Education.

4. I believe that Affirmative Action is the wrong execution of the right idea. Race based policies are both exclusive of many needy young men and women, and are inclusive of many affluent minorities who do not need the assistance. I would base the policy strictly upon a child's household income, not their skin color. This policy would still include many minorities, particularly inner city blacks, who need the help on the road to upward mobility. But it would also help non-minority children stuck in the same tired Cycle of Poverty.

5. Global Warming is real. It is caused (greatly accelerated) by Human Beings. We need to correct this some how. How? I don't have the damnedest clue, but I do believe that it is both real and a problem.

6. I am, after literally years of soul searching, Pro-Gay Marriage and anti-DADT.

7. Last of my Liberal Bones, I believe that taxes upon the wealthy should be much higher, and that investments (not allocated to IRA's, ROTH IRA's or any other retirement account) in excess of a moderate amount should be taxed. I also propose something I like to call "The Kennedy Tax," which would tax all private transfers of money and liquifiable assets in and out of the Country that are in excess of a certain amount annually. Corporations and Businesses would be exempt from this tax, though they would be accountable to the IRS if the money transfers were for anything other than business expenses. I would begin to increase the income tax after 400k per year, and would increase it again every 200k following that amount, up to a ceiling of 42% of Gross.

Now for the Predictable Shiz.

1. I believe in Upward Mobility, and in giving children all the tools they need to execute it. That said, our K-12 Public Schools are not a tool, they have become an obstacle. I think the Government should promote a tax credit system that allows parents choice in their child's place of education. These credits could either be used to cover the full cost of a child's district Public School, or they could be applied to cover the stated portion of any Accredited Private School. This would offset a great deal of the cost of a Private School education, it would also force Public Schools to adopt the fiscal policy and tough curriculum of a Private School, or close down. I believe this would, over the course of a couple decades, completely transform our Public Schools for the better.

2. Veteran Benefits < Big enough. Super Size my Vets! GI Bill should cover 100% of State Tuition and Book Costs and a certain fixed allowance would be made for cost of living as well.

3. War on Terror = Win.

4. Afghanistan = we must Win.

5. Abortion for Socio-Economic reasons is abhorrent, and should be illegal. That said, I think abortions should be performed in the event that a woman's life becomes endangered during pregnancy. The morning after pill would be a controlled substance, administered by Police to victims of rape only. If a victim of rape does not come forward until after the point where the pill would be effective, she should NOT be able to legally receive an Abortion. This will minimize both the victimization of women, and criminal fraud.

6. Domestic Tapping, and other PATRIOT ACTness is an unfortunate necessity in today's world. A government is first responsible for keeping it's citizenry alive, then for keeping them free, and then for helping them to be productive and upwardly mobile. In that order.

7. Communism = AIDS Socialism = HIV.

8. And finally: Gun Banning doesn't work, so why even bother infringing upon the Second Amendment?


I love comments and PMs. But don't be suprised if I delete the former and don't reply to the latter. My Profile, My Account, My Rules.


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So . . . what happened to the Old Guard?

You don't see too many Oldbies in the O/M subforum anymore.
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II w o n w o o II

Thank you for buying! whee
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Bento the cute and fuzzy

About your sig.....
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I don't get the meaning of the two dates.
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Teh Bad Kittah

Love the signature

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Daddy's home.

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Dude. Just sayin' that your signature is full of sh*t. Us Canucks here in Toronto have been having a wonderfully warm winter often with highs of 5 degrees celsius. That also means sh*t. Regional weather =/= global climate. Also, cocks and el nino.

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I thought I would spice things up this time around and make it Westminster style. I'm putting more of an emphasis on party.

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Muthaf*cka I expect you to take part in this election. D:<

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Help a brudda fight the bleedin' hearts in ED Main: http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/extended-discussion/galactic-imperialism-humanity-conquering-the-heavens/t.56570963/


Though I swear if all of a sudden you become defensive of backwards alien species I'll WTF so hard.


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