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He's Mad, But He's Magic.

Current Name: Nahaliel.
Birth Name: Unknown.
Physical Age: Early Twenties.
Actual Age: Long since forgotten.
Species: Veltrixian; A highly evolved extraterrestrial
humanoid. Or in simpler words; An Alien.
Gender: Very much so, male.
Relationship Status: A wild heart can't be tamed.
Current Location: Due to his restless nature,
he never stays in one place for very long.
Abilities: Capable of navigating through time and space. To and from various planets, astral planes and dimensions alike. Through an ocean of stars and a universe of unspeakable, unfathomable and unthinkable impossibilities!

Physical Depiction.

Ethnicity: Ambiguous.
Height: 5'11 (180cms)
Weight:130 - 140lbs
Hair Color: Scarlet red.
Hair Length: Presently shoulder length,
however, it tends to vary on spontaneous whim.
Eye Color: An incandescent aureate that glazes
over an unexpectedly crystalline pupil.
Body Type: Slender in build, but muscular in all the appropriate areas.

Prismatic Persona.

The Positives: Eccentric, Madly Passionate, Witty, Charismatic, Adventurous, HIGHLY and Extraordinarily Intelligent, Independent, Courageous, Authoritative, Affable, Eloquent, Youthful, Lively and Adaptable.

The Negatives: Capricious, Restless, Emotionally Guarded, Heedless, Impulsive, Foolhardy, Occasionally Cold, Out of Reach, Impervious and Unpredictable.

In short: Nahaliel possesses a frivolous (almost clown-like) exterior that masks an interior core of impeccable age, wisdom, seriousness.. and even darkness.