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Gender: Male

Location: Evansville,Indiana

Birthday: 12/17/1990


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  • Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Garlic Picker[134]
  • Laceback Bootsnake Skinner[140]
  • OMG That Hurt[143]
  • Close the Barn Door![223]
  • Durem Blockade[224]
  • Hallowed Ground[246]
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I guess introductions are in order first things first name wait what is my name oh yeah thats right its Shawn, how could I forget such a thing. My age what is it 26 now I will be 27 this year, below are some more things about me.
-Likes: Pizza, Beef Jerky, Internet, Anime, Kotatsu's, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Gifting Others, The Moon, Star Gazing, Hammocks, Making Friends, Movies, Listening To All Types Of Music, Gardening, Rain and Listening To The Rain, Studing Myths/Mythology, Avi Art
-Dislikes: Oozie Smells, Troll Holes, Rude People, Loneliness, Liars, Fakes, People Who Use Me Then Abandon Me.
-Goals: well some goals of mine are get a good life long job, find a gf then get married to said gf one day, get a house big enough for at least 1-3 kids depending on how much said gf wants if any with a great big yard, At least 1-2 cars, and to finally achieve happiness once all thats done.
What I am looking for on Gaia is mainly Friendship and maybe IRL Meet Ups and to maybe one day meet my other half the one I will get together with and maybe marry one day just gonna take it one step at a time though, Also if you have a crush on me at least let me know through an anonymous trash type gift that you do an maybe include a hint to who you are please lol. I like to treat my friends well so if you get a gift from me it means your special and I don't ever want to loose your friendship and sometimes I gift anonymously so yeah lol, Also I Adore Each And Everyone Of My Gaian Friends Hurt Them And Pay Dearly, Well
-If you wish to know anymore about me PM me or send a friend request.


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Starlit Ambiance Report | 08/17/2019 12:39 am
Starlit Ambiance
Cool avi and fantastic profile yum_puddi
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Thanks for buying 3nodding
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Hachimitsu Hunnie
Nice avatar
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Hachimitsu Hunnie
^_^ how you doing?
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Hachimitsu Hunnie
Thanks for the pink wings!
I do not have them yet ^_^
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Hachimitsu Hunnie
Hey, are you having trouble with you avatar changing section?
because I'm having some issues with it
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Hachimitsu Hunnie
Oh okay
Hachimitsu Hunnie Report | 09/28/2017 10:15 am
Hachimitsu Hunnie
mrgreen by the way do you still do that giveaway thread?
Hachimitsu Hunnie Report | 09/27/2017 10:50 pm
Hachimitsu Hunnie
Congratulations!!!!!!! So happy for you! !!!

Favorite Poems (Some Of Them)

Where Are You, My Love -By: Christy Tillery French
"Do you reside within my mind's recess
Or do you stand a hand's breadth away?

Are you a figment of my imagination
Or a promise held at bay?

Did we know each other in a prior life
Or will we find one another here?

Will you know me if you see me
Or will you never draw near?

Where are you my love?

Will you wrap your arms around me
Will you whisper in my ear?

Will you fill the emptiness within me
Will you drive away my fears?

Will I have to wait another lifetime
Or one more minute or day?

Do you seek me as I seek you
Or are you content to stay away?

Where are you, my love?"

Love Is... - By: Marco Polo
Oneself and Others,
As they are,
For their needs.

Liking and enjoying
One's own needs and
Those of Others.

Gentle and Intimate
Affection and Sharing
Of needs and accepting and
Respecting differences.

Passionately and tenderly
KNOWING in detail
And gladly APPROVING!

Moon And Stars - By: Me Shawn
O So Great Moon And Stars,
Thanks For Being My Companion,
So Many Lonely And Cold Nights,
Thanks For Keeping The Path Lit,
That I Had To Walk,
It Was Such A Lonely And Cold Path,
But I Had You There With Me Through,
The Pain,
The Sorrow,
The Great Unyielding Terrible Luck,
But Through It All,
You Were There For Me,
So To You,
O So Great Moon And Stars,
I Say,
Thank You With All My Heart.
(I wrote this about how it was while I was homeless)

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Added Some Of My Favorite Poems, Also Adding Some Favorite Quotes Later

This Is my Cat : Gino