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Special poem, "closing that heart of yours"

nothing to display...
haha the jokes' on you...
nothing left to say...
I think I've run out of fuel...
The bridge to my heart...
it's gaping open...
oh, won't someone close it?
no one will close it.

I think I heard you sigh...
I turn my face away...
I start to hear you cry...
I get out of the way...
I know your hand is coming...
to rip up the bridge to my heart...
oh, won't someone close it?
no one will close it.

My poems, they mean nothing...
yet you read and understand...
you picture yourself in my shoes...
the many times you've held ruined plans...
your whole life is a failure...
it's tearing a whole in your heart...
oh, won't someone close it?
no one will close it.


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Nash-eoke_ the patcher Report | 05/24/2019 4:29 am
Nash-eoke_ the patcher
=^-^= ( ( HUGS ) )


Dev Meat tonite at fountain if you can make it babes . .




Sorry to hear your feeling Low again
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY Report | 05/23/2019 11:35 pm
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY
Offline, sporadic playing I have been sick again, and we're getting tests done finally. So I'll be on and off, but if you don't see me for awhile, I haven't given up on the game, just gotta take care of my health, first. Miss you guys!
Nash-eoke_ the patcher Report | 05/05/2019 7:33 am
Nash-eoke_ the patcher
=^~^= * pinks * I am undone heart

Nash-eoke_ the patcher Report | 05/04/2019 9:27 am
Nash-eoke_ the patcher
You found me pretty quick last night !


The Cavalry just arrived .

Once more Unto the Bridge my Dear Friends . Once More ! !


( ( HUGS ) )


Cunard_Bluestar Report | 05/03/2019 7:34 am
Dev Meat at Barton fountain tonite

9 years of . Could end up turning into a massive Partay !

Mavdoc , Expansionist and Forrest should be back tonite.


Hope you are feeling well ?

( ( HUGS ) )


Of course if I go I will be going as Nash-eoke_The Patcher .

Yo Dakodasky ! !



Next week I might go as my only Female account dramallama


Regards & peace Cunard / Nash-eoke / DJ_Whitestar
DakodaSky Report | 04/26/2019 8:43 am
i just wanted to wish you best wishes on your recovery heart
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY Report | 04/25/2019 9:50 pm
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY
Offline, PSA I never thought I would have to make a comment on this, but I see that it's most likely necessary. 3 years ago I was in a fatal car accident that killed my father and severely injured me from several broken/shattered bones to permanent nerve damage, PTSD etc. mental diagnoses.

I also have a traumatic brain injury, so I have severe short term memory loss. A lot of my friends were very sweet when I wasn't feeling well last week and I do my best when playing zOMG! to mention if I'm having cognitive issues because it effects how well I can play the game. Today, I felt a little disrespected. I would have msgd people directly, but they didn't accept my friend request. I doubt they will see this, but I just wanted future friends to know.

I do my best to be friendly as well as a team player. If I've ever disrespected you or made you feel uncomfortable, I apologize. I don't EVER want anyone to feel the way I did tonight.

tHE ice pRinceSS laDY Report | 04/25/2019 11:49 am
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY
On but bootsnake doesn't seem to want to load for me. T.T
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY Report | 04/23/2019 2:29 pm
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY
Off I'll be back on only if I finish my work. T.T
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY Report | 04/23/2019 11:40 am
tHE ice pRinceSS laDY
Online bootsnake.

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About me, along with a special poem "blank pages"

ṃÿ lïƒε ƒεεlṡ lïќε α вlαṉќ ραģε
ƒυll øƒ ïṉṿïṡïвlε ïṉќ
ṃÿ αссøṃρlïṡhṃεṉτṡ ṃεαṉ ṉøτhïṉģ
ÿετ ṃÿ ƒαïlυɾεṡ αɾε τhε вløøḋ ρɾεṡεṉτ øṉ τhε øυτṡќïɾτṡ øƒ τhε вøøќ
вυτ τhεÿ ṉεṿεɾ τøυсh τhïṡ ραģε øƒ ṃïṉε
øh, ṡυсh α lïƒε
ÿετ ïτ'ṡ Ⴣεсτεḋ вÿ τhε τhïṉģṡ τhατ hïτ ïτ ƒɾøṃ τhε øυτṡïḋε αṉḋ ṡïṉќ ïṉ
ƒυṉṉÿ høώ τhατ ïṡ
ÿøυ τɾÿ τø ώɾïτε ÿøυɾ øώṉ ώøɾḋṡ
"ïτ'ṡ вεсαυṡε ÿøυ'ɾε υρṡετ τøḋαÿ, ïṡṉ'τ ïτ?"
вυτ ï'll hαṿε α ṡṃïlε øṉ ṃÿ ƒαсε
ÿøυ сαṉ'τ ρɾεḋïсτ ώετhεɾ ïτ'ṡ α ṃαṡќ øɾ ṉøτ
ṡø ṡτøρ τɾÿïṉģ τø ɾεαḋ
α вlαṉќ ραģε
τhïṡ ṡτøɾÿ ώïll ṉεṿεɾ вε ƒïṉïṡhεḋ
вεсαυṡε ïτ ώαṡ ṉεṿεɾ ṃεαṉτ τø вε τølḋ
ÿøυ сαṉτ løṿε ώhατ ïṡṉτ τhεɾε
ṡø ḋøṉ'τ lετ ÿøυɾ løṿε-øɾ ÿøυɾ lυṡτ-ïṉτεɾƒεɾε
вεṡïḋεṡ; α вlαṉќ ραģε сαṉ'τ ƒεεl
αṉḋ τhïṡ ïṡ ώhατ ṃÿ lïƒε ïṡ
ṡø ɾïρ ṃε øυτ øƒ ṃÿ вøøќ сøṿεɾïṉģ
ïτ ώøυlḋṉ'τ ṃαττεɾ ατ αll
ïτ'ḋ јυṡτ вε øṉε lεṡṡ ραģε
τø τεll α ṡτøɾÿ ώïτh
ï'ṃ ṉøτ ṡαḋ
τhεɾε'ṡ ṉøτhïṉģ τø ṃøυɾṉ øṿεɾ
ɾεṃεṃвεɾ; α вlαṉќ ραģε сαṉ'τ ƒεεl
αṉḋ τhατ'ṡ ṃÿ lïƒε
ṡøɾɾÿ τø ɾερεατ ṃÿṡεlƒ
вυτ ï τhïṉќ ïτ ṉεεḋṡ τø ṡïṉќ ïṉ
τhατ ṃÿ lïƒε ƒεεlṡ lïќε α вlαṉќ ραģε

~why is the pain so unbearing? The rain flows through my unbrella, covering my soul with wet tears and hot flashes of the memories i once foretold of. I was the one everyone trusted and believed in- now I'm the one no one can see. Why must i hurt myself to feel? But what is that? Light at the end of the tunnel? Shall i live in hell just to die and find heaven? To die and find peace? I will fight for my life and live in peace and with honor, for simply killing myself will bring hell back. Don't try to die. You must fight for a better life. Fight for what you think is right...for what YOU believe in.~

to make a long story short my name is Zakuro ;p most people online know me as princess lady but either one is fine.


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when you think about your life, you can easily tell many sories-good or bad- about your past, present, and what you hope for the future.


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