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.:Aerith Gainsborough:.

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Birth date: February 7
Birthplace: Icicle Inn
Weapon: Staff
Age: 22 in Final Fantasy VII
Meaning: Earth
Height: 5' 3"

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"Young, beautiful, and somewhat mysterious"

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Aeris Gainsborough, (also known as Aerith Gainsborough) is a female protagonist of Final Fantasy VII. She uses a staff as her weapon and wears a pink ribbon in her hair. Having lived in the slums of Midgar for years, she has become street-smart, and has had to evade the Shin-Ra many times. She is portrayed as a independent, outgoing and kind young woman who displays a stark understanding of others at times.

.:-Final Fantasy VII-:.

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First meeting of the game shows Aeris selling flowers on the street for one gil, when she meets Cloud Strife, who bears a striking resemblance to a man she once knew. Later on, Cloud winds up in the church, where he introduces himself to Aeris and becomes her "bodyguard". Soon after Aeris gets captured by Shin-Ra once, but Cloud and his friends manage to save her.

Later, the party goes to the Temple of the Ancients to obtain the Black Materia. Cloud obtains the Black Materia, but is controlled by Sephiroth, and gives it to him. After he sees Aeris in a dream, with her telling him that she will come back when it is over. Aeris has gone after Sephiroth. She claims that by using the White Materia, Holy, which she has in her ribbon, she can stop him using its true power at the Temple of the Ancients.

The party arrives at the Forgotten Capital, where Aeris is praying for Holy. Sephiroth gains control over Cloud again, and instructs him to kill Aeris. Cloud is stopped by his friends, but then Sephiroth falls down from the ceiling fatally wounding Aeris. When he pulls the Masamune out of Aeris's body, she falls forward and the Holy Materia in her hair ribbon falls out and into the water. After a battle with Jenova-LIFE, he takes Aeris' body down to the water, and lets it sink down to the Lifestream together with the Holy Materia.

After Sephiroth is defeated at the end of the game, the Holy that Aeris prayed for is able to begin to move, and together with the Lifestream, Aeris' Holy spell is able to fight off Sephiroth's Meteor.

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.:Other Appearances:.

.:Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-:.

A younger Aeris appears in Before Crisis. As the last Cetra, she is caught between AVALANCHE and Shin-Ra, both parties attempting to capture her. She develops a friendship with a Turk who crashes into her church, much in the same fashion as Zack Fair and Cloud Strife.

.:Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-:.

" I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won't remember them all, so I put them all together into one...I like to spend more time with you..."
Aerith first appears when Zack 'falls from the sky' into her church. After an amusing mini-game, he buys her the pink bow which she ties on her head as a thank you for "saving his life" much to the girl's delight. They then proceed to form a relationship together, even going on a hasty date within hours of meeting. During this time, Aerith says that she is afraid of SOLDIER and believes that they are not normal, and that being "normal" is the greatest happiness. Zack then says he's from SOLDIER and she apologizes. To break the awkward silence, Aerith says that his eyes are pretty. Zack then lets her have a closer look, and as they draw nearer, Aerith becomes aware of their close proximity and pushes him for teasing her. He then comments that his Mako eyes are like the sky. Aerith smiles and says,

"If that's the sky I'm looking at then I'm not scared."

A romantic relationship is heavily implicated after Angeal's death; as Aerith proceeds to hold Zack as he cries. Their relationship continues until Zack ensues on a mission that took him away from her for four years, while she doesn't know his whereabouts. The last time Zack and Aeris are seen together, she gives him her own personal wish list, which had "I want to spend more time with you" written on it. She even writes him 89 letters while he is gone for the past four years, but she never realizes that Zack already died while trying to return to her.

.:Final Fantasy: Advent Children:.

"I never blamed you. Not once. You came for me...that's all it matters."

Aerith appears in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children film at a few points of the movie, to Cloud in a vast space of light. Cloud blames himself for her death, and asks her for forgiveness. Aerith, however, tells him that it's time he did the forgiving. She eventually convinces Cloud to forgive himself via these meetings---she even manages to leave a message on his cell phone telling him that his coming for her was all that really mattered and that she never once blamed him for her death. In Cloud's fight against Bahamut SIN each member of the original game party helps Cloud in his final attack. The last to appear is Aerith--she is reflected in Cloud's eyes as a bright light shines. He takes her outstretched hand and is able to defeat Bahamut.

Aerith encourages Cloud on in his fight against Kadaj, and some images of her are seen, along with a few of Tifa's and Zack's, when Sephiroth asks Cloud who the people closest to him are. Her Gospel rain begins to pour and heal the people of Geostigma. Marlene wonders if it's the 'flower girl', and Tifa thanks her, saying she knew Aerith was there somehow. Kadaj hears her voice in his dying moments, mistaking her for the Mother he was seeking. Cloud, too, calls her Mother, when he floating in a blank space after being caught in an explosion. This makes Aerith comically wonder why everyone's calling her that. Zack's voice tells her that it's probably because everyone is so fond of her. Aerith sends Cloud back, with Zack telling him that, unfortunately, there is no place for Cloud 'here' yet.

Waking up again in Aerith's church, Cloud sees her sitting beside some children, with Zack leaning against the doorway. Aerith heads towards the door, and just before exiting, turns and smiles at Cloud, telling him that everything is all right now. This is the first proper view we see of her face. Aerith then turns and leaves, walking into bright light along with Zack. Cloud, smiling, agrees that he's not alone anymore. Aerith is seen in the ending credits, standing in a huge field of flowers, seemingly waiting for Cloud's arrival.

.:Kingdom Hearts:.

She is first met in Traverse Town with Leon and Yuffie. The three of them, plus Cid and Cloud all lived in Radiant Garden before it was taken over by the Heartless and re-named Hollow Bastion. In the ending credits, Cloud and Aerith reunite in Hollow Bastion.

.:Chain of Memories:.

A memory-based version of Aerith appears in Kingdom Hearts:Chain of Memories. She seems to be the only person in Traverse Town made from Sora's mind, who knows that she is just a memory, and why they have forgotten what happened in Kingdom Hearts.

.:Kingdom Hearts II:.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Aerith is part of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, together with her friends from Traverse Town. She shares a close relationship with Yuffie, Leon and Cloud and assists Leon in the restoration of Hollow Bastion and encourages Cloud to settle his grudge with Sephiroth.

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