... Who Are They?

Hi, I'm The Hetalian Wanderer. You can call me by Wanderer, Franch, or whoever I am roleplaying at the time (I tend to roleplay France, 2PFrance, Russia, 2PRussia, and sometimes Greece).

I am a generally friendly person because I find it my responsibility to be. I have trust, honor, and self-esteem issues. I value promises and honesty above all else, yet I know how to organize my words to my advantage (without ever telling a lie). I don't like fighting; in fact, I find it my place to be the mediator or peacemaker. I am a stereotypical Libra (I have yet to find any zodiac descriptions for this that are not relatable). However, so help me, if anyone hurts ANY of my close friends, they should be prepared to see a side of me I've been fighting to control my whole life. It's what I call a "suppressed humanity"-- of disorganized violence and instinctive impulse. Everyone is a hypocrite, but I am a synonym of "contradictory". I suppose I have always been.

Such habits (and others I'll leave unmentioned) lead me to believe I have a mild personality disorder, but I have never gone to a therapist to have it diagnosed. I realize there are quite a few people like this, and acknowledge the importance of professional diagnosis. That being said, I have been diagnosed with a type of OCD called hypochondriasis. Basically, if I don't have a handle on what's going on around me at all times, my imagination goes wild and I think the worst things possible are happening. In other words, I have a detached version of control issues.

I respect people's space & wishes and I can see from both sides of an argument; which is rather frustrating, to be honest, since its the same way even if I'm one of the opponents. I hold my true friends above all else and I need them to value me in order to value myself; since I only see myself as people see me. If people don't tell me that (and explain to me why) they appreciate me as a friend, I won't pick up on it and feel like I'm not trying hard enough.

I /have/ to be trying hard enough.

If you do not try your best in everything you do, how can you expect any respect or appreciation for it?

I've always been in the habit of giving too much to people who don't deserve it, which has given me trust issues. My respect for some people destroys me. On those rare occasions that I try to be optimistic and give my trust to people, it gets manipulated. Here's how I look at it, though: If I can't be of use to other people...
... Then what else am I good for?

And if people wish there to be more caring, compassionate, forgiving, and understanding people in the world...
... Who's going to make that difference?

I hope I'm not the first step, but if I am... I encourage anyone up to the challenge to walk with me. I'm fighting to be the change I want to see in the world. Will you?