The Grey Embrace

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Last Login: 01/19/2018 6:02 pm

Location: Currently sifting through the 7th Dimension looking for a spherical box with the key to the 8th one

Birthday: 10/15/1993




Hey there, I hail from the grand country of the US of A. Where I live, eat, sleep, play, and complain about the crappy job my politicians are doing. But an interesting fact is that Vietnamese blood runs through my veins. And there it shall stay, for I am no emo, no cutter, no self-abuser, and I shall never touch an illegal drug in my life-time. (I can barely even swallow an Advil, let alone inject myself with various dangerous substances) Hmm... what else.... oh! I'm the brainy, not brawny, kinda guy. My hobbies include, speaking in large words to confuse people, video gaming, and sneaking around real ninja-like. Well, thats me in a pecan shell, if you wanna know more, then grab your security blanket, a flashlight, some snacks, and send me a pm.


The truth is, underneath all of my clothes, I'm naked.