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I'm Mandy.

I'm 23.
I've been on Gaia for almost 7 years - My first account, The_Great_Mandy, is being used as a mule. Becoming an adult over the past few years has somehow left me with much less time for internetting - how sad. It's not being an adult that's sticky, it's the stuff that inevitably follows.

I have an art shop! But I don't take commissions that often anymore, because I'm attending art school which leads to more hand cramps than I care for~

My best friend of 18-odd years is Zavy. My boyfriend of 4 years is Veag. Some other best friends of mine are Lady_Miyo and R a y n i e, and I've known Kittara Mirrou pretty much since I joined Gaia. *.*

Feel free to talk to me 3nodding

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Veag Report | 10/14/2011 8:51 am
Oh, Mandy, you're so pretty!
Veag Report | 09/02/2011 10:55 am
I'm thinking about Mandy and doing a little dance.
Veag Report | 06/01/2011 1:34 pm
Mandy Mandy Mandy Mandy, I'm home and you're not!
Veag Report | 04/12/2011 12:07 am
Gah, Lovey Mandy, I'm up too late! Why do I do that?
The stepfather of lies Report | 02/22/2011 12:09 pm
Nice avatar
Veag Report | 02/04/2011 10:16 pm
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Veag Report | 12/22/2010 7:27 pm
Grrr... I want to call you, but I'm worried about waking up those people who go to bed too early. I wish you didn't have to be so far away. I think I'll can you anyway.
Kittara Mirrou Report | 11/24/2010 4:48 am
Happy early birthday. ^^
Veag Report | 10/03/2010 10:11 pm
I lurv you!
Lady Miyo Report | 08/22/2010 7:41 am
cool avi

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Spyuu~! ^-^