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The Goal of Across

This world... is CORRUPT!

In order to prevent further degeneration, the natural order must be set to right! However if we were to unite the world, the ignorant masses would be unable to keep pace. There for we will start here and just to be extra prudent and to avoid pushing ourselves too hard we will go one step further and focus here. Conquering Gaia is a reasonable plan which allows some leeway for set backs, don't you think?


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Starrynightlily Report | 01/07/2013 3:03 pm
Happy new year biggrin
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 09/27/2012 5:11 am
Jane: *freezes*
Wanda: I knew it!
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 09/26/2012 10:05 pm
Wanda: *facepalm* I hope you know what you are doing..
Jane: *shoveling food on her plate beaming brightly*
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 09/26/2012 9:55 pm
Wanda: Your allowing her to eat?
Jane: O.O
Wanda: *waves hand infront of Jane*
Jane: Food.. *speeds off and grabs a plate*
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 09/25/2012 6:30 am
Jane: ...
Wanda: she smashes things with a enchanted hammer and can do thunder attacks like an electric Pokemon :3

Jane: ??
Wanda: its true your soo quiet..
Jane: tiz cause I am hungry Lady Wanda
Wanda: back away from my tacos!!!* surrenders box of poptarts*
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 09/24/2012 8:25 pm
Jane: I was Thor..

Wanda: This is Jane formerly Thor Odinson.. She's new ^___^
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 09/21/2012 6:28 pm
*lurks around curious about the fabled legend Ilpalazzo*

"Grand Loooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddddddd Ilpalazzo!! I brought a guest!!" {You should have left the asgard girl at home..} {{Hell no.. She'll finish our damn poptarts again!}} {Point}
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 08/22/2012 8:51 pm
Well.. Anime one was fun to read. *nod* Maybe we should. Who knows.. After we draw to a close a guild recruitment thread would help bunches. XD
I know Mr. Darkie Dark will be wanting to kick me for not being active in Marvel. >.>
I must post.. Post tonight for Sunset and Camilla
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 08/19/2012 9:45 am
.... *creeps in* Gran Lord Ilpalazzo!! *hug tackles him* are you psyched about the Project Phoenix thing? Babsy was saying it looks close to nearing an end for her birthday ^_^
Wanda Wilson_LadyDeadpool Report | 08/12/2012 12:51 pm
Affirmative! *dresses up as a Mariachi* Por Tacos y El gran Senior Ilpalazzo! Ay ay yaai! *Spanish Ranchero Music plays as she takes the stick pony to resolve the matter*


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