A little about me XD

Hello there!
Since you're on my profile, that must mean you want to know a little about me right?
Ha, well, I'm just a regular, fun-loving girl. Many people would describe me as nice, and personally, I think I'm a nice person too! I will try never to be mean to a person unless they are totally asking for it. I'm a person that won't hate someone without a reason. You pretty much have to go out of your way for me to hate you. I guess I'm a little awkward too, but seriously, once I start warming up to a person, I can talk to them for hours! My humor may be a bit crude compared to other girls, but hey, that's what I get for growing up with older siblings.
I have been on Gaia since 2009, and I've met so many amazing people and people not so amazing. For that reason, I don't donate anymore. I will only donate to you if I really like you or if we become close friends. I can't help you if you aren't willing to help yourself.
Well, I suppose that's it! Comment, or PM me if you have any questions or just want to talk. heart