So, it's been awhile since I was back on gaia, but here I am! and it certainly feels good. haha.

I'm getting ready for my senior year in college (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!). I'm getting my degree in Sports Medicine, but I love reading and writing (obviously) and pretty much anything outdoors too. (i.e. hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, camping, etc.) I love playing lacrosse and mainly soccer (long live Barcelona!) and doing anything that has anything to do with shenanigans.
I swear I'm really friendly and I like talking so message me or someit and it'll be totally cool, I promise homeboy.

welp. das about it.

also: my quest! donate? kthx.


for future reference: check this out! ^_~



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Giving this journal a title would make absolutely no sense-why, it already has a title-see right there! IT SAYS JOURNAL!!!

This is the Journal Header-if you have not noticed before, anyways I would like to tell you about an expieriance I had a while ago with this "Journal Header" you so call it. Well it all started on Wednesday when one of my friends just happened to bring chocolate to my Yearbook class, this was one lucky day for a girl like me, and so then we went, eating chocolate and stuffing marshmallows in our mouths like noobs when all of the sudden....




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Hahaha! *grins and duels*

Ah man! Miss yer face Fred. <3

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Hehe. Yep! *pulls out sword* We shall duel! >3

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Hehe! Probably the best thing to do at this point as we are both fairly stubborn in our own right. xD

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Pah! But I always enjoy how awesome yours are because they, in my opinion, look much better than mine. <3

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:O Your avi looks snazzy friend! biggrin
Shirotenshi Kuro

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Shirotenshi Kuro

/Funky Chicken
well, dem's the brakes sometimes...
But I see your point...if we keep going it could get *really* good

[Macro: Avenger's Sheild, Hammer o Justice, warstomp...faceroll]
Shirotenshi Kuro

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Shirotenshi Kuro

/counter stalk
Beh, meybe a little...If ATB stalls for too long Ima consider it dead...then go ahead and make my rp...
As for the guild. . .a LOT of us are kinda inactive atm sweatdrop
Shirotenshi Kuro

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Shirotenshi Kuro

[Stalky Stalky]
Rose BUD 14-95

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Rose BUD 14-95

I don't play world of warcraft so I wouldn't know anything about that razz I like it though, with the pink hair and the tree branches it kinda looked like your character (the branches being the character's horns) haha XD
Rose BUD 14-95

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Rose BUD 14-95

I've been wondering, is your avatar supposed to look like your roleplay character? cause it does... ^_^


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yo! always looking for a good story.
here is meh samples.