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A little more about Piano

Here are some results to quizzes I took.

Personality Traits: somewhat modest, [apathetic (at times), stubborn, shy (except when with close friends), very artistic, rather loyal, not very witty, nerdy (in a good way), lazy (sometimes), Christian, sarcastic (at times), encouraging

Adores: sci-fi/fantasy, drawing, video games, D&D (Rogues!), cooking, Celtic/Japanese cultures, swords, Medieval/Renaissance style, reading, and chocolate.

Detests: spiders (or anything that looks like one), favoritism (within groups of friends), rudeness, racism, horror movies, really inappropriate stuff, jerks, cursing (in excessive ammounts), MySpace, bad rap music

Concerning other personal information: I will not give out my personal info (name, real life location, age, photo, names of friends or names of specific places around where I live, etc.); if you already know it, that is because I know you in real life. If I don't know you, don't bother asking.

Who is this "Piano" of which you speak?

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Welcome to my crazy flying profile!
You may refer to me as "The Flying Piano," "Piano," or "TFP."
(Justice Toast is my mule.)

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My shop is now on hiatus until June 15th. :(

My lair house. (Towns address: 6 Barton 002554)

The video in my Multimedia is of a...somewhat simple, but super nifty card trick! heart I had nothing to do with the making of this video; I found it on YouTube.

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This is the place where I post quiz results, my Toybox, and write about whatever, among other things. Please enjoy and feel free to comment. ^__^

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Wildervast Report | 02/22/2007 4:52 pm
Wildervast Report | 02/21/2007 10:14 pm
chisokuso Report | 02/16/2007 9:54 pm
: D
arigatou gozaimash*ta~ ^-^
Pixie-elf Report | 02/05/2007 5:20 am
Eee! You did Mat! For this, I love you.

hrtbrkkd Report | 02/01/2007 11:37 am
Yeah!!!! Going to start operation male persocom
Fai_the_airheaded_genius Report | 01/25/2007 6:31 pm
Indeed, the dual-controllerness is fun. The Wii came with a stupid sports game that had boxing in it, and it was fun to punch the Playmobil-looking characters around... And the Twilight Princess game is fun. You get to shove people with a sheild. And sumo wrestle. With a fat hairy guy and a fat rock dude.
Fai_the_airheaded_genius Report | 01/21/2007 11:27 pm
Piano! Le Fai has a Wii! Dost thou have a Wii?
DeathAngelChaos Report | 01/18/2007 9:07 pm
>steals binoculars< Right back at ya!

>poke poke<
DeathAngelChaos Report | 01/17/2007 8:49 pm
Shara-ra of Lesalia Report | 01/14/2007 4:21 am
Shara-ra of Lesalia
    I do have Zelda too! Those two were limited though, so I'm afraid you won't be able to buy them anymore.
    There's a new one though and wonderful cosplays anyway~

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