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I have something called CRPS. It means I'm on fire. Pretty awful. Yup. Not much you need to really know about me other than my disabled tuckus is here lurking in pain. A lot.

Um. I like Lake Kindred. Grinding makes me forget I'm on fire. Or I'll pop out some Pokemon. IDK.

gaia_spoons gaia_spoons

I forget I didn't answer your mail, guys. I answer it in my head. Or I'll look at your messages, get physical pain while trying to answer in as few words as possible, and stop midway so I can use a heating pad...and then never answer.

I want to say I'm really sorry for that. Cause I don't mean to not answer. I want to have friends and answer everything. But I forget. Or I'm tired. Or I am on fire and I forget and I'm tired.

I'm sorry my body is trash but I am not ever ignoring you on purpose. Come chase me down. Seriously. I likely forgot. Because my body is trash.






I do not accept PMs to raise or lower my prices. If you want a discount, go ask people on the forum.

I already served my time in retail. Take it or buy somewhere else.

I am already undercutting if I can. My face is not glued here so sometimes that price change will be slow. They are just pixels so get over it if I did not fix it immediately.

There are no coupons. There is no nothing here. I will lower the prices when I want and when I remember.

You got it? Okay. Thank you for stopping by.


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