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Name: Luciel Sullivan

Age: Undetermined

Race: Was once human

Personality: Sad, Lonely, Unsure of everything, Spiteful, Loyal

Occupation A wandering soul looking for her revenge

Enemies: The ones who murdered her out of jealousy

History: Born into a mildly wealthy family, Luciel had loving parents, but no siblings. Being an only child it was sort of lonely, So her parents bought her a plot of land for her own little garden of white roses. She tended to this garden and cared for it gingerly, but soon enough she had to go to school.

She was a beautiful young lady with gorgeous long white flowing hair, and glowing blue eyes. The boys flooded her with attention making the other girls vengeful of her, even if she tried to make friends with them. The girls formed a small little group that made Luciel their target. Even so she loved the town and the town adored her.

She was very quite even in life, and for this all the boys in the town loved her. Although the girls of the same town were pretty, they were always jealous of her. Day after day there were horrible things done to Luciel, but she always came back with a smile on her face, even if she cried herself to sleep sometimes. After one of the most popular boys had declared his love for her and she had turned him down, the girls of the town had enough. They plotted that the richest one would throw a ball, and they would have their revenge there.

The invites had been sent and Luciel was on the list. She picked out her favorite gown, Blue with a white under skirt embroidered with golden swirls and flowers, Pinned up her beautiful snow white silky hair in a ponytail; Leaving her bangs to partially cover her face, and rode off in a carriage to the ball. She was excited as always. She arrived on time as usual only to have the three main girls greet her inside and invite her to the garden in the back. She fallowed and they closed the door behind themselves. One girl had gotten behind her and took her by the arms and pushed her down holding her, as the other two had sneered at her. One of the other two girls kneeled down and told her how beautiful her hair was and then took a knife that she had hidden in her dress and cut it all off. Luciel's hair pin fell to the ground as she struggled and cried watching her hair she spent so long on growing and caring for fall to the ground. The leader came next and kneeled down telling her how she adored her eyes as the other two now sat on her and held her down. One putting a mouth gag on her.

The leader carved out Luciel's eyes, then got up and threw them away. They tore her dress off Luciel, leaving her in her bloomers broken and dying. They backed away and looked at her giving her a disgusted look and went back to the ball leaving, The ball music covered Luciel's crying out and feeling her way around. Luciel fell limp after 5 minutes.
The next day the leader had called the cops and Luciel's body was taken away. and dressed in new bloomers and a dress, a blind fold placed over her now none existent eyes. She looked like a fallen angel that had lost its wings. The town weeped as she was buried.

The girls felt horrible once they saw the towns grief. so they went to visit her grave the next day. They arrived at her tombstone only to find a hole with no coffin. Lucie was dead yes, but she had risen from her coffin chained to it. She made a pact with the devil, to allow her to roam the earth looking for the ones who had killed her in return for the locks of her hair and eyes that she had lost.

Luciel had made her was into a new place, She overheard two people call this place Nexxus. Intrigued by this new found place she sought out her vengeance there, carrying her coffin wherever she went. Yet no one knew what horrible things were kept up in that large coffin of hers. No one dared to find out.....Or did they?

Equipment: Coffin

Fears: Not getting revenge, Using her coffin too often


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