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I love to write and draw and I'm a big fan of videogames and movies. I'm also a big fan of cooking, even though I'm not great at it.

Oh! If there's anything I absolutely adore it's rain. The heavier, the better. In fact, if it rains too little I get a tad disappointed. Rain gives me hope and thunder gives me inspiration... too bad it doesn't rain very often.

I don't like ignorance and the "whatever"-attitude as much. In fact, I despise it. Just like when people can't accept different tastes. People should be more open-minded, that way we'd avoid hell of a lot of trouble.

Something else I can't stand are religious fanatics. Those kind of people makes me want to kill something cute and fuzzy. So don't.


Hi. I'm an open-minded, cynical b*****d! Nice to meet you! biggrin