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Warning!: If I disappear suddenly, without saying anything it's because I had to go and had no time to say so. So, in those instances, always remember,
I will come back. Eventually. My friends, take care and worry not.

About Me:

I wanted to try to think of something somewhat-slightly interesting to write about myself, but I can't. You'll just have to find out the long way, won't you? By that, I mean getting to know me. I suppose I can tell you that I like reading, writing and wandering around on the internet. More often than not, lately, I'm either playing some kind of video game (Pokemon! D< <3) or doing crafting of some kind. I've been roleplaying in TTRPGs and the like for a little more than half my life; it's something that I tend to enjoy. Started with D&D and Magic: The Gathering and moved on to Pathfinder after D&D 3.5. Lately, it's been homebrew settings and rule sets. I intend to never lose sight of the adventure of it all.
The deterioration of the English language saddens me. Let's do our best to not let it fall to pieces and keep literacy alive by using words, shall we? I may use typed emotes and ellipses excessively. I'm sorry if this bothers you, but I'll do it anyway.

I'm very opinionated and I'm likely tell you what I think, whether or not you really want to know. The philosophies, arts, and cultures of numerous civilizations from around the world and across time have been my field of study. They're something that I have a reputation of knowing too much about and it's likely that I'll spout off random facts from time to time.

I don't do much by way of drawing or music, but I "make things with my hands" when I find the inspiration. Lately, this has been in the form of knitting and jewelry making/beading, but I also dabble in macrame, leather working, woodworking and origami.

I've been a department manager at a local chain store for the last few years. Work definitely keeps me busy, but I'll be around when I can.

Nimoy is much more of a dog, than a puppy, these days.
He's growing up fast and that happy wagging tail is a menace for anything on tables.
I have an aquarium, again, with three goldfish. A black moor, a gold ryunkin, and a red and white oranda. They're cute! Though, the Moor has turned into a monster and rules the tank.

I can be very cuddly with my friends. Emphasis on the my friends. If this bothers you, that's your problem. Yet another thing you'll just have to deal with. This does not just mean people who are on my friend's list. It means the people that I am comfortable enough with and trust enough to consider my friends. Otherwise, the situation will be awkward, hostile, or both.

Take note that I am notoriously forgetful of many things, but mostly birthdays and real names; almost anything that has to do with numbers is also very easily forgotten. Please, don't be offended if I do forget something that might be important to you, my brain is always occupied with too many thoughts and not everything gets processed, for which I apologize.


9/8/17: The past few months have been rather chaotic and I don't much want to talk about it. Moving on towards the future is all that there is left to do.

5/26/17: So...A lot has happened and I probably won't write it all here. Those who know, know. Those that don't will just have to find out the hard way.
Po passed away a year ago, at the ripe old age of 8. I'll miss that crotchety little bun. Life goes on, as they say.

Been on a HUGE pokemon kick. I don't know what really brought it about, but I can't get it out of my head. I have a 3DS, now. Having tons of fun wandering around in Moon while still playing through White on the DSLite.

3/16/2015: Pfft...What are updates? There's a puppy, now! Very exciting, if a bit tiring and time consuming, but he's great. More adventures await.

Lately, people have been calling me: Daeva; Dae
Previously named: Clockwork_Daeva, ~Blood_Huntress~, Blood, Huntress, Angelique


Note: My Gaia avi never/rarely correlates with my RPC and I don't have any art of my characters because they're OCs that are not based in anime and finding reference art has been a bother.

Also, though Blood/Tauivae is my preferred and primary character when I RP on Gaia, I do have other characters. Many other characters. Might switch it up, if I do, sorry to shock you. A profile will be referenced, somehow, if it is needed.

"Make up your mind, crazy lady!" they may say, but the truth is that I have too many characters to count. The signature is, often, a hint on who might be currently in play, but I'll usually make up some kind of format header/footer to designate RP posts by characters.

Addendum: I'm taking a step back towards the roots of my RPing history. The "Lady Huntress" may have been fine for the high courts of old and the Daeva is too volatile. Which character I'll play, I couldn't say. One older than all the others, but a newer rendition.

~ Profiles ~


"...Why exactly is it that I haven't slaughtered all of you, yet?"
Name: Tauivae Harsanar / "Blood", The Lady Huntress.
Race: Elf (What might be called a "High" or "True" elf.)
Occupation: Mercenary/ Fallen Paladin
Eyes: Golden, like those of a falcon
Hair: Dark black, straight and silky
Height: 5'8" Weight: 165lbs
Age: ~900; The elf does not speak of what her age is exactly, but sometimes recounts tales of events that occurred hundreds of years ago
Weapon: Mythril longsword, elven runes are etched along the center of the blade, telling its name: Vengeance (formerly Justice). Over the course of hundreds of years, the blade has gained an insane sentience; one that continually threatens to overrule the control of the wielder. The blade has changed, the shining silvery white blackened by angelic fire and the runes upon its surface twisted to show its new name. It gained the ability to drink in the souls of powerful enemies that it felled, trapping their power and fragments of their souls. This is generally manifested in blood thirsty madness that possesses the sword as well as an uncanny ability to cause wounds that cannot be healed.
Talent: As all elves are innately attuned to magic, many of them wield one or more abilities. Tauivae lost most of hers upon falling from her place as a paladin. She can still sense magic and is resistant to most enchantments and all sleeping spells. She has an ability to channel her rage in battle, gaining strength and speed, if giving up some of the clarity that the tactician preferred to have. Sacrifices had to be made. With the changing of the blade, the elf learned that she could channel the power trapped within it.
Attire: Lately, her manner of dress has been to don leather armor over simple traveling clothes, all in black. This is sometimes accompanied by the last remaining piece of her armor from her time as a paladin, a mythril breastplate. The crescent moon that had been inscribed over the heart has been sanded into obscurity.
She has a taste for the finery the courts, although tends to avoid such places. When not at war, she usually wears a silk dress, with a corset over it (either heavily embroidered or not) with either being in a variety of colors, although her preferences have been for black with gold or silver and red stitching. When wearing modern clothing, she prefers knee length dresses or a combination of skirt and 'peasant' shirt awith a corset, but she has been known to wear jeans and a t-shirt, on occasion. (Highly dependent upon the setting).
Distinguishing marks: If one were ever lucky enough to see beyond the elf's clothes, it would not be as all expected. She is, was and always will be a warrior and bears the scars of many an encounter. The most notable is the wild crisscrossed pattern on her back, the remnants of a whipping. Also, a slave brand on the back of her left shoulder, an "S". Directly adjacent from the brand, on the side of her upper left arm is a tattoo of a black hilted dagger with a silver blade and white, hooded cobra wrapping itself around the weapon. The insignia marks her as a member of an assassin's guild, long forgotten by all...except for the few remaining survivors and their enemies. In the same fight that changed her blade, the elf suffered an injury. Her right hand, that which she uses to fight, and forearm were caught by the same searing fire as her sword, her hand was practically ruined and though it is, now, almost skeletal, with burn scars climbing up her forearm, the flesh burned away in some places,she has lost none of her strength or dexterity. This scarring ends abruptly just before her elbow, leaving the rest of her arm undamaged. The elf bears her disfigurement without a twitch, as if it were all perfectly normal to her.
Background: Blood was once a paladin sworn in service to Corellon Larethian, the creator god of the Elves. She traveled the land destroying the enemies of elven-kind, mostly fighting orcs and goblins. Then the Drow attacked. After the destruction of an entire village, the elves were outraged and organized a war against their dark brethren. She was gone from her home for many more years, unable to do more than write a letter to them every few months. The entire clan of Roanwood lived together in a large manor "grown" in the style of the elves, for they did not build theirs homes, but bent nature with magic and lived within the trees themselves. They had a small, though semi-wild farm, on which they grew grain for profit and many other things for their own subsistence. On her return from the war, she discovered that she did not have a home to return to. She found the place, her family and animals slaughtered, crops and house burned. Among the wreckage were cloaks and weapons of priests...priests of the clerics of the order of Corellon Larethian. The elf was outraged, that her god would allow such a thing...and madness took her. She forsook her god and went on a killing spree, striking down any of the villagers that dared cross her path on her way to the temple of her order, where she exacted her vengeance. Although they fought back bravely, those who were in the temple that day could not defeat her, so great was her rage and so blinded by it that she slaughtered each and every person there, smearing blood everywhere. After doing so she wandered the countryside in a sort of daze before passing out...when she woke she had little recollection of the event, although the evidence was made by the stories she heard later and by the blood she was soaked in. She did not wake to find herself in the wilderness, but had been picked up by passing slavers...they later sold her to a thieves guild, where they found that she was much more useful as a warrior than a bed mate, after she almost killed the first man to approach her as such. She was not asked her name by them, rather given a new one that she used from that day forward. Blood they called her, for what she had been found covered in and for her propensity of spilling it. After showing her talent with a blade and the will with which she employed it, the guild made her a mercenary. She eventually bought her freedom and went wandering...but every once in a while the madness would take hold...and again she would slaughter. It seemed at those times that she could not help herself, splattering blood across the fields while the air echoed with her unhinged laughter.

Now, the elf wanders the realms, taking on adventures where she will and looking for some meaning to her prolonged existence; something she'd given up on too long ago. She stands at a crossroads, in terms of Fate. One path will bring her into the embrace of Hell, a demon newly born. The other, leads to redemption and a place in the grand army of her god.

It should be noted that while this profile works for the baseline of the character that became Wrath in "Malice" this presentation is of a character on the cusp of change and that Wrath is the ultimate culmination of her fall into darkness. The baseline Tauivae/Blood and Wrath are very different beings.

The Daeva:

A capricious creature born from the energies that were released during a clash of gods when the realms were first being created. Her very name has been lost to time, hidden in the notes of the song to be sung upon the End of Days. The being is usually ethereal, but sometimes assumes forms of flesh and blood so that she may wander the realms. These forms are highly variable and change, often. One moment she may be a human or an elf, then a kitsune or a fox in the blink of an eye, a neko hours later, only to wake the next morning as a fire drake. Neither demon nor angel and shunned by both, she tends to find mortals or otherkin to be better company than either celestials or damned. Regardless of this, the creature is sometimes seen in the company of her adopted sibling, Lhy'xa.

There is one variant of this particular character that has been bound by sorcery to a clockwork heart. It is said that one who holds it and has the key to trigger the mechanism has the potential to control the creature, but to do so is to be in her contempt.

The Sellsword:
Face-changer, shape-shifter, b*****d, scoundrel, hired blade.

The being has had many names, forms, and faces. Not all of these forms are humanoid, some demihuman and others entirely animal. In it's true form the creature is genderless and ageless, but has had demonstrated a propensity for appearing in the form of a female in early adulthood. Occasional it will adopt the form of a male. Skilled with a number of weapons, having been known to wield daggers, dirk, short, long, and b*****d swords, scimitars, cutlasses, long-axe, cross and composite bow, the being is more than capable of dealing death with or without weapons. There have been times where the being would sneak into the home of a target and slay them as a venomous serpent, black as night. The creature has made its way across the realms as a hired blade, pirate, and assassin, killing when the price is high enough and the risk deemed worthy of the time. Some foes are more easily dealt with than others. These days, the sellsword spends what free time it has drinking. Many names and many faces mean many pasts. Which one is the true one, the shifter would never tell. Perhaps there are bits of truth in all of it, perhaps none at all. It would be wise to take each tale with a grain of salt.

Known aliases: Vivian/Vincent Hellbourne; "Medri the Blade"; Greta "The Arrow" Jarlsdottir; "Angelique the Assassin"


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Kiro_Shinigami Report | 06/27/2018 7:36 am
Happy Birthday to you! I hope it will be an amazing day for you. You are missed.
Son of lawlessness Report | 11/19/2017 12:46 am
Son of lawlessness
Go back and read.
Everything is fine for the time being.
Hunter and Lo know exactly how I am and what Im up too. I dont just say these things to scare people I dont like.

The two that showed up all since left, and now Golden is there.
Ive welcomed her in; she will prove to us that she can be trusted.
Son of lawlessness Report | 11/18/2017 11:03 pm
Son of lawlessness
Wtf is going on in that thread.
Im now just as confused and as irritated as you are .
ZombietasticGreen Report | 08/25/2017 5:29 am
Thanks for buying!!
Milosh Black Report | 08/21/2017 1:06 am
Milosh Black
Daeeee~ <3 Thank you for putting up with my god damned everything

I'm sorry about all that s**t from back in the day, okay? You know that?

Digitally Enhanced Gasm Report | 07/13/2017 12:29 am
Digitally Enhanced Gasm
It has, as a matter of fact! smile
Digitally Enhanced Gasm Report | 07/13/2017 12:18 am
Digitally Enhanced Gasm
I really meant my life has changed.
Digitally Enhanced Gasm Report | 07/12/2017 11:55 am
Digitally Enhanced Gasm
Wait, slut a bad thing?
Digitally Enhanced Gasm Report | 07/12/2017 1:18 am
Digitally Enhanced Gasm
I have been gone a while, everything is so different now.
Digitally Enhanced Gasm Report | 07/09/2017 9:30 pm
Digitally Enhanced Gasm
How have things been?


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