The name's Charlie, hi. I'm 21 years old, female (despite my avatar), and I'm currently in life drawing classes. I live in England, I'm an artist and I read books on my Kindle.

I honestly suck at speaking about myself, because there's not much to tell. I'm pretty ordinary, really. No matter how i word this, it sounds pathetic, so I'm just going to say it: I like making people laugh. It's cliché, but I really do. I consider my day a success if I've made at least one person smile.

Also, Whispers_shadow wrote me a poem:

Thee Ever Amazing Charlie
never seices to amaze,
Why he once battled a minotaur
and navigated through a maze,
I remember when the sirens called
and we almost sank our ship,
But old charlie here, he steered us home
and put the finger to their lips,
And when the war was almost lost
and the hope had died within,
Charlie rode in on the finest horse
and led the army to another win,
See Charlie here is an Amazing man
and only grows more wise with age,
that is why this books for him
There's an adventure on every page.


Charlie is so cool
like a big ol' fool
(except not really)
she's the opposite of lame
keep calm and play video games
I love her oh so much
I love to /creep and /touch
she's my biggest hero(ine)
my love for her is harrowing
she's not a unicorn,
nor does she bite fingers
but really she is just a big