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Seriously, I will.
So I am guessing you've come for a little background information on me? Well sure, I've got some of that.
My name is Kyle and I was born March 6th, 1993. Born into the world of Gaia in March of 2006. I am on and off I guess you could say, but plan to stay for as long as I can find internet<33.

So, how did I come to acquire the name "The Epic Fail"? I got the name after I was originally named Somebody06. Yeah kinda lame right? Well so was this thread I made then I got my new name back in December of 2007.
This is the link to a thread of how I got my name.
So it finally began, The Epic Fail! heart

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The largest amount of post I've received on a thread I made?: 1,113.

I sorta discovered "Lucky The Cat" and sold it for 8 mill, thinking I was making a lot{: Seriously, I did. An Epic Fail</3

Although, maybe I deserved it? After all what did I buy with the 8mill? And all the other gold I had on me? Well I bought 200 "Super Prizes" of course!!!
200 Buckaroonies!!
(BTW at 700k a piece now (rounded down a lot!) That's about 140m in gold.

If you look into it, I sorta live up to my name, but I like it<33

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My journal.

So this is obviously my journal. Do I really need to describe it?



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Just in case you didn't see your art: [x]

Please complete the trade
Andsonz v2

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Andsonz v2

hi man...plz accept the trade... and i saw u are a kim_uy friend too 3nodding

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nice profile..

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Hey if you're still selling stuff for super prizes tomorrow and add more then lmk then, I'd be glad to help out more since the deals are so great. And I'd really like to hear about all the cool stuff you get since I can't get crap from them.

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can you hold you coco cuz i am selling something to get more gold

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hahha rainbow mountain dew
im addicted to the rainbows of vitamin water...
iPhoto is this lame little photo editing thing that came on my mac
basically all you can do is crop and adjust color hahah
i cant think of something more fun than laughing
practice for figure skating biggrin

Report | 11/08/2009 4:16 pm


hahaha i fail at photoshop, too complicated for my head! i roll like likeeee iPhoto haha biggrin
mountain dew rocks my socks, i like the red, one i always get it after my practice
its my life


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i'm a music junkie!
but i don't like mainstream music i like stuff like radiohead, the shins, the beatles, the used etc.
i rave too. mrgreen
i like drawing and taking pictures.
i like pie.
what about you?

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hahaha suhweeeeeeeeet
i wonder what else we have in common?
Jesu of Suburbia

Report | 11/07/2009 10:13 pm

Jesu of Suburbia

Zerectile Dysfunction!


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