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Lil _Vampire_Bunny Report | 04/30/2008 2:40 pm
Lil _Vampire_Bunny
*Pokes you over and over again* =) Poking is fun!
Lil _Vampire_Bunny Report | 01/03/2008 9:42 pm
Lil _Vampire_Bunny
It is ok..... I do worry about you.. Duh! I care about you! ^_^ hehehe I hope everything is going well for you. I do miss you a lot though.

Heavenly_Saku Report | 01/03/2008 7:23 pm
you love my chick......? o.O that is okay.......thanks? it is taking a long time to get everything i want. oh you should spell my whole name out! haha jk jk it is so freakin long! i know you have not been on.... it has been lonely i guess.... i dunno i get random comments though....
Bones_Masquerade Report | 12/30/2007 10:40 pm
Leaving a comment even though you don't get on.... Oh well..... Hope everything is going well for you. Please take care....
Lil _Vampire_Bunny Report | 12/10/2007 12:00 am
Lil _Vampire_Bunny
-_- that came out bad...... well wutever i didn;t know that was half type i sry!
Lil _Vampire_Bunny Report | 12/09/2007 11:59 pm
Lil _Vampire_Bunny
Mr. Floppy Ears came to say Hi! User Imagers came to say Hi!
Nocturnal Warrior Report | 12/09/2007 7:08 pm
Nocturnal Warrior
Christopher... I hope to hell what I was told is not true... They are a bunch of jerks for doing this to you!! They don't have the guts to own up they misstaked you!
Nocturnal Warrior Report | 12/09/2007 3:44 pm
Nocturnal Warrior
Damn man stop being depressed over this s**t... They are harping on Kendra a lot too. I know they are blaming all this on you but you didn't do anything. I wonder how many Christophers there are on thr Gaia site. Maybe they can go accuse one of them of being their Chris that faked death. You live in Colorado. They have one in a 50 chance of living in the same state and a much less chance of living in the same town or city. We all know it's not you. Just hold on to your true friends to get through this.. Please Christopher.
Lil _Vampire_Bunny Report | 12/08/2007 10:43 pm
Lil _Vampire_Bunny
Oh, I forgot read what I wrote.... Emo Love.... it is bad.... but tell me what you think please..
Bones_Masquerade Report | 12/08/2007 10:36 pm
I meant Clear not Clean whatever kind of the same I guess... To much reading...