Hello, I'm The Emilie Autumn. Just call me TEA or Eve (my real name).
This is an account based on the talented and lovely, Emilie Autumn.
Honestly, I needed a new mule (lent my old one to a friend so she didn't have to make one) and then I needed a name, so I chose The Emilie Autumn. She's a big inspiration for me, my role model in a way.
I one day hope to become a famous writer, drawer, and would love to learn the guitar, violin, and piano, in that order.
And no, I do not want to do all of that because she does. I always have, way before I discovered her.
I haven't done much on this account yet, it's just been sitting here, getting dusty ouo
I'll probably use this for roleplays or something random like that ;p I just need a mule for my own business~
And no, I do not accept random friend requests. It floods my friend list up with people I do not know.
But, feel free to comment on my page to have a chat. Maybe we'll even become friends ? -w-;;
My main: Sour-Muffins

Well, I must make some tea. Goodbye, and thank you for reading.


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I am your senpai

Report | 11/13/2011 12:22 pm

I am your senpai

amazing work on your avi