About Moi

Hey y'all!

As you probably know, since you're paying this lovely visit to my profile I'm Red. But here are some handy hints I bet you didn't know:

-My birthday is November 12. Presents always appreciated.
-I'm old. Not old enough that me being on Gaia is creepy, but old enough that when I find out how old the people I RP with are I still feel old.
-I come to Gaia to RP because I kind of have a thing for writing.
-I'm a redhead and damn proud. So naturally my RP characters also tend to have red hair.
-I play an awesome rich b*tch.
-Toto is my bestest online friend in the world. You should all be jealous.
-I'm kind of inept when it comes to formatting.
-Despite what my RPing may suggest, I'm actually super nice.
-And neurotic.