About Me

Names Robert, I am the coolest nerd you will ever meet. I am a very shy person, so shy it doesn't make any sense. I love playing video game, and working on the computer, but I dont spend my life in the house, I like hanging out with my friends also and playing full tackle football with them. I also play hockey, basketball, and baseball but mainly I play football. I like playing board games also. I like anything that test your mind also, brain teasers, puzzles, etc.
I always try my hardest, even if I am not the best.I always push myself as hard as I can.I do look at myself as a failure alot, but I brush it off and try again, I never give up. I dont want to spend my life without a reason. If I die and its not by natural causes, I want to die giving my life to protect someone elses. And I love my gf Liz.