What? You want to know more about the Coyote? Alright but she is not liable for anyone who goes insane reading this. You have been warned!

Coyote is twenty-one year old female with a love of coyotes, animals, role plays and anything military, especially anything dealing with Marine Corps. She is a student looking to get her Bachelors in Graphic Design. She is crazy, loony and tries to be fun. She is typically very hyper. Coyote also loves soda and chocolate. Oh and most meats. Her friends are typically online friends as she role-plays constantly.

That’s pretty much all you need to know for now. Might update this later. Maybe this wasn’t so horrifying after all. Once she gets some journals up you can read about Coyotes characters, but no stealing!

Gallery of Art Made For Me

My Journal (Where I Keep My Character Information and Perhaps Some Short Stories About Them[Do Not Steal])

My Deviant Art


The Disturbed Coyote's Character and Writing Safe Haven

"Greater Love Hath No Man Than To Lay Down His Life For His Brother."
- Unknown

The Coyote will be keeping information on her characters and maybe writing short stories about them in this journal.



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You can always has a POE! <3 -snuggle luffs you-

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Happy birthday bby! What do you want for your birthday? <3

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nice profile :3


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