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Okay so lets start with a simple introduction shall we? The names Jessica Rae, though most of my friends shorten it calling me Jess, Jessie, or Rae. You choose I don’t care. Well now I’m glad we got past that without any difficulties, shall we continue? I’m sixteen years old turning seventeen quite soon. (Feb 11) Right anyways, I’m a junior in high school and I hate it. I don’t want to grow up, but that’s beside the point. I don’t tend to talk a lot in my classes, more or so out of choice. I’ve never felt comfortable around people I don’t know. I’m even like that with some of my family I just don’t feel comfortable. When I’m around friends however it’s a different story. I talk, laugh and just have a good time. They really are my outlet, there the ones who get to see the real me, most of the time. But anyways I’m starting to think if the quiet me is more of who I am. I feel more relaxed and at ease when I keep my voice calm. Maybe I’m just changing but who knows right? I’ll always have that scream within me begging to be let loose. But the whole moral that I have to this paragraph of doom about my personality is, I’m not going to change who I am to be accepted by YOU. If you don’t like me don’t pretend that you do, you’ll just piss me off. I used to have two dogs but one ran away and the other had a stroke so I’m pet less now. I’m going to adopt a dog soon so that should be fun. I’m one of the few human teenagers that read more books than watching TV. I really don’t watch it all too much, maybe during dinner or something but other than that…nope! But yeah, I like to draw but suck at it. I’m good at making pots, vases, piggybanks, and other such things out of clay. It’s really a lot of fun. My teacher told me I had a very interesting way of creating things, and that I the amount of time I put into my art really shows. I also love photography; I’m actually going to be taking an AP Photography course next year so wish me luck! Instruments…I play piano. That’s about it though I picked up quickly on the guitar.

Gaia History

So this is actually my second account with Gaia, I used to be the proud owner of Twilight Fantasy. But it had so many glitches that couldn’t be worked out that I just made a new account. So technically speaking I’ve been a Gaian since ’05. Though I’m sure all of you will simply look at this account and pay no mind to my previous account.
I joined Gaia for role-playing, and because at the time it was an anime based site. Though I must say it has come far from that since the beginning of time. But that’s alright, I’ve accepted the changes for what they are. I also joined because a few friend had recommended it to me so woo! Here I am.


Kay so as previously mentioned I love role-playing. I mean I think its amazing. If you ever want to role-play with me, or ask me to join a role-play feel free. I never turn anything down without actually checking it out first. Now there are a few things I will not do, but that comes naturally with every person. I’ll list those below so you won’t have to waste your time. But as for now if you’re going to pm me and ask for a 1 x 1 role-play at least have some start to a subject. DO NOT pm me and have the conversation role out like this.

Person – “You wanna role-play?”
Disillusioned – “Sure what did you have in mind?”
Person – “Oh I don’t know you pick”

I will ignore you instantly. Have some idea PLEASE!

Won’t Do’s
-Student Teacher

Yeah there’s more I just don’t remember. Anyways, also no one-liners…AT ALL. I don’t do one liners, its not hard to at least fork out three sentences when your having writers block. I don’t want to hear that your having writers block every single post if your not up to at least posting a measly paragraph I don’t want to role-play with you. Also I’m semi-lit to literate. That means when you role-play with me there’s going to be rules. Like this little thing…TYPE OUT ALL YOU’RE WORDS. No chat speak unless otherwise noted with me. Which normally that means…not chat speak.

Talking – “Example, all talking should look like so. Bolded and with a color.”
Thinking – All thinking should look like so and also have a color to it.
Text/IM/Email - “Like so and colored.. This is the only place I will allow chat speak.”

Avi Art, Donations, and The Dream Avi

So I really really love all kinds of avi art, and yet I only have two drawings. Both of which I love dearly however I want more because I’m greedy. And because I suck at drawing and want people beautiful talent to decorate my page. Anyways, if your good at drawing please draw my avi. Also if your feeling extra nice will you draw her with a penguin. I would love you for all time!

So while we’re talking about loves, I actually really need some donations. You see I just started this new quest and it’s going to take forever! So for quite sometime I’m not going to be able to buy anything else for my dream avi. So please donate something to her, I’ll have the picture below. Also I’m going to list the donators and their donation below.

User Image
Total Value: 314,166 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Gray Peasant Gloves
TTRPG Limited Ed. Manual
Black Leather Belt
Whip of Ice
Blue Stripes Torso Tattoo
Blue Stripes Left Arm Tattoo
Blue Stripes Right Arm Tattoo
Lovely Genie Blue Belly Gem
Blue Stockings
Black Reading Glasses
Wed to Darkness
Wed to Darkness
Soldat Steel Boots
Black Traveller Shawl
Shiny Black Short Shorts

The Queen Pin Up Artist - 4k; 36 Black Inks <3
Recries - Dreamers Dust <3
Zizefia - 10k <3

Adryuuki - Dark Elf's Staff; Purple Stripes Arm Tattoo; Mighty Gargoyle; Sven the Penguin! Loves you Yuuki!!!
Droit - 65K <333333333333333333333333333333


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heyy umm im jayjay nd i gt acked many times nd i was wondering if yuh could donate the pants to mehh plz ill give yuh 14,000

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^_^ yeys for being awesomely happy! ^_^

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*glomps* ^_^ I'm greeeeed! >w< I should be promoted to captain!

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Yay! ^_^ if it is I should be greedy then!

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^_^ nya~ But it's not good being greedy!

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^_^ ok! Then I like gold sometimes!

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Yay! ^_^ gold is good!?

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Eh? ^_^ nya~ -pets-
Suddenly I felt something telling me that I'll have a hard day...
Naahh! ^_^ must be my imagination!

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^_^ hmm! easy job! ^_^ I hope!

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^_^ Hmmm! What I do?! xD new to this stuff of sitter!


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