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I am me. Abbey, Devi, Dev, Darling, DD. That's all that matters, really. I'm 19, a junior at university in the fall. I can mostly be found on tumblr

I'm still mostly just on tumblr. But I'm 22 now, almost 23.

I Sinistro I is my Anti-Hero.

I'm married to: Ingou & I_RavenPandorah_I & Paul-19 & xFlamethrower & Kikien & Rainbowrific Renia (hiatus) & Tadalicious

Renia, my love, you will forever be welcome among us in GSW and the AP. You will certainly be missed, but your need to leave is completely understood at this point. Don't forget our love heart

My hiatus-ed wife gave me amazing things: Blacklight Ribbon, Valhalla's Abyssal Armor, Crystallized Plantimal, Card Sharks, Urban Bounce, Charming Majokko Dorobo, Broadway Bounce, Pink Chyaku Norisu Scarf, Demonic Innocence, Aviary's Song, Vile Night Jewel, and Verde Vixen.

"When old friends leave for a while, they take a piece of your heart with them, even though you may not realize it. When you see each other once more, that piece rejoins with the rest of your heart and the resulting feeling is euphoric. So when an old friend leaves, mourn not because they are gone, but rejoice for when they will come back."


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GLJordan Report | 01/10/2018 11:47 pm
your welcome
GLJordan Report | 04/20/2017 11:45 pm
Belated Happy Birthday DD
GLJordan Report | 04/20/2016 5:54 pm
Happy Birthday DD!
Lillith - DeaD MaRiOneTTe Report | 07/25/2014 4:05 am
Lillith - DeaD MaRiOneTTe
Awww~, thank you! heart

Your avi is really cute too. whee
Lillith - DeaD MaRiOneTTe Report | 07/25/2014 4:02 am
Lillith - DeaD MaRiOneTTe
Thank you for buying! whee

Have a nice day! heart
Fonzareli14 Report | 05/22/2014 9:00 pm
you're always welcome here anytime my devilicious darling! pm me pix sometimes too! mwah! love ya! xoxoXXXo!
Izzy Derp Report | 04/20/2013 7:33 am
Izzy Derp
Happy birthday heart
NecHocNecIllud Report | 07/31/2012 4:24 am
Thank you for buying my Javelin Impalement.
Fonzareli14 Report | 07/23/2012 1:49 pm
i wish i had a high speedsss internet! im using Dial UP (sigh)... dial doooown. Olo hehe. dis sucks! blech! hahah
Fonzareli14 Report | 07/23/2012 1:39 pm
hahah yeehaw! sounds like a chinese accent massage question! "ya like?" haahaha i love it mrgreen