Well.... Where to start?? I am 17 years old and I live in the N.T. in Australia. My name holds the key to the universe so no mortal can pronounce it, even me, so I just go by the name Lani. Yep Lani, just as plain and Simple as that.

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Hahaha I fooled you all... No.... Not really. Um... Hmmm what else could I say about me. Most people tend to think that I'm weird.... Mainly because I am but that's not the point. I go to a school with about 1200 kids and it can get really crowded some days. There are three things that get me through school alive. My Friends, god i don't know what i'd do without the lot of them, My Ipod video that only has 300 or so songs on it..... And I guess the thought that when I get home I can Eat and sleep as much as I want.

Yes.... I guess I am a little crazy, but that's why people like me. I like to write stories, most of which are either about Vampires or gay men.... Don't ask me why, coz i don't know, but both topics just facinate me. So yes.... That me...

Oh wait no, before you keep scrolling and realise that you didn't finsh reading.... I have a stalkerish obsession with an actor.... Here he is User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Yes people.. I am a James Marsters fan... I write Buffy fan fics a lot...
Not only buffy though... Usually I kill her off.... I don't like her..

No other than James i like.... Wait no, I'll put this in interests.....


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Mooses Journal

My Journal.... I am a moose. An Australian moose. My thoughts, and anything else that i want to put in here shall go here!


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MOOOOOO hi thar

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boo how are you digger is being a butt face

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she's lying to you people she's really an 32 fat man BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

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hey ;3

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Oh man. Sorry i haven't been around. >_< I sketched it out a long time ago, but i got busy and have been really meaning to get around to it. You're not the one being the bother. I'm the one who hasn't finished it. Thanks for being so patient, though. >.< I'll have it to you as soon as i can.
DeForest Kelley

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DeForest Kelley

I like random comments, especially if someone's enjoying my profile/sig. Thank you. whee

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That's lame!
For the Azrael's Box, I got a pretty upper level box but I didn't know it was upper level, and used it and got that 200,000 gold...spirit ._.
If I had sold the box it would've sold for 300k+ :<

Oh well.

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XD I've only played the fortune egg 4 times, once is when my friend donated one to me, and the other two is quiet recently.
The one my friend donated failed...it never succeeded evolving XD
I bought the Fortune Egg (Level 4) to try to get the Oni Sets biggrin
The first one it actually evolved to Level 5 which costs twice the price of Level 4, so I traded it to someone for a Fortune Egg and 300k or so.
I opened that Fortune Egg and got an oni set 4laugh
Used the other 300k to buy another fortune egg and got another oni set 4laugh
I'm satisfied with two, but three would be even better lol

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Is it hard to actually win anything good for this RIG?
I know that the Midsummer's Swirl and that one fruit RIG had a pretty good item drop rate :<
But the Animal Quackers was horrible gonk
So hard to win anything good from it.
I kept getting those Toucan's or Boas.

Report | 02/23/2010 5:49 am


XD They should have a forum for that...but then again, that wouldn't be "financially" smart of Gaia XD

And actually no D; I haven't tried the RIG yet.


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