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About the Assassin:

Codename: The Crimson Thorn
Hair: Crimson Red.
Eyes: Almond shaped blue eyes.
Build: More slender than a human but thicker than an elf. On the bustier side though not enough to look odd with her frame. She has an athletic structure from all her training.
Height: About 5'9" in heels. 5'7" without.
Skin: Pale.
Ears: Slightly pointed. They tend to be covered up by her hair.
Fashion sense: Red tends to wear clothing that show off her body. This generally entails short skirts and shorts, low cut tops often including a corset, and tight articles that still allow for movement.
As the Crimson Thorn she wears the outfit seen to the side. Occasionally she'll be seen wearing her dueling cloak as well. She only wears her mask for kills.

-Swordsmanship: Expert with European style. Knowledgeable on other styles as well.
-Marksmanship (Guns/Crossbow): Good.
-Disguising and acting: Expert.
-Marksmanship (Bow and arrow): Fair.
-Magic: Rune-induced magic. Primary: Earth. Secondary: Water.
-Acrobatics: Fair.
-Hand to hand combat: Depends on the style. Her favorite is mixed martial arts though there are other styles she's not so great in but is training.
-Photogenic memory.

-Swords: Her favorite being the one she got her codename from, the Crimson Thorn. This was her mother's rapier. Her mother was a duelist, and had trained Red prior to her death. Red never stopped training and attempted to learn and master as many styles as she could. This is her best skill.
-Hidden Blade: The Black Rose gave her a gauntlet. This hides her hidden blade.
-Daggers: She possesses not many of these, though uses them for instances where she cannot bring a regular blade, as well as in combination with her rapier, and keeps them on her at all times as a security measure. They are often kept in her boots or in her corset. Her favorite is the one Rose made for her, which she cherishes as much as the Crimson Thorn.
-Poisons: She uses poisons in instances where other weapons are either not necessary or detrimental to the cause. She keeps a pouch on her side containing various types.
-Crossbow: She prefers this to a gun, finding guns a less skilled weapon in comparison, always one to enjoy even the slightest challenge.
-Guns: Red possesses a few guns, though if given the option, they are her least preference weapon. She believes them a cop out, and feels they are only good for instances where ranged attack is needed and a crossbow wouldn't provide complete accuracy.
-Bow and arrows: She doesn't possess one, though knows how to use one decently well.
-Cloak: Her dueling cloak provides protection against other rapiers. The cloak was designed for this, and this particular cloak is runed to provide extra protection.
-Chest Guard: Underneath her corset, Crimson Thorn wears a chest guard. This helps protect her from attacks aimed at her heart.

-Expert swordsmanship.
-Agile nature.
-Half-elven strength.
-Not easily rattled.

-Becomes weak if using magic.
-Temper if angered.
-Sentimental attachment to sword.

About the Woman:

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Preferred Name: Red
Mole Alias: Kara Van Wynn
Real Name: Caran Van Wen. (Pronounced: Kah-Rahn Vahn Wehn. Only four know)
Age: 88.
Race: Half- Wood Elf (Human father)
Magical Abilities: Earth primary, water secondary. Obtained through a rune.
Orientation: Straight.
Mate: Kemen Sul-Rana.
Isle of Elderspire:
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Visa for the Elven Empire, residing in Celestial City in the middle of the lake:
User Image
Dual citizenship in Balla-Dulin, home in the capital:
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Alliance: Balla-Dulin

Red was born to a wood elf. She never met her father, nor did her elven mother know him. Her mother was exiled not long before her birth. Her mother passed away when her human father did, and that left Red to fend for herself at a decently young age. She supported herself through various odd jobs, and guitar playing on the streets. Do to this, she can blend into almost any atmosphere, through knowledge of how to act.
As she grew older, Red decided she wanted nothing to do with her elven heritage, due to the way her mother was treated, and vowed to help Balla-Dulin get rid of the elven king Goethe at any cost. Her hatred of Goethe is fueled by his harsh laws regarding humans and half-breeds like herself. She obtained a visa to permit her to be able to stay in the Elven Empire. She was granted this visa due to her membership of the assassin's guild Goethe tends to use.
Her assassin identity and her other identities are all kept very much separate.
Her true purpose in the guild is of course not to help Goethe but rather to leak information to the officials in Balla-Dulin. She'd hoped all along to get to put her highly honed skills to work one day and finally has the oppertunity. It is clear that her decision to try to bring down Goethe was well thought out considering the lengths she's gone to train in so many different weapons.
Red's involvement in Nova's band is merely a cover for her assassin identity, a way to get her and the Black Rose to their missions in every land. Her citizenship in Balla-Dulin is a well-kept secret, because it would raise suspicions.
She has two jobs aside from being an assassin. Her true job is a professional duelist. She does this to honor her mother, though she enjoys it as well. Being as it's almost as dangerous a profession as being an assassin, Red deals with pain and injury quite well. It's due to this profession she's so skilled with the blade and with daggers. She's occasionally seen in dueling uniform.
Though she does use her guitar skills as a cover in the band, it seems that perhaps that's one of the few things that Red truly does enjoy in life.

-Serious, though she has a rare humor that comes out when comfortable.
-Rarely shows much emotion in general appearances, though smiles when she's doing something she loves or has reason to be happy or when mocking someone.
-Tends to appear distant or annoyed.
-Opens up after a good while.

-Her rare friends
-Cute and/or small animals

-Small talk.
-Excessive sunlight. (Gets freckles)
-People who take advantage of others.
-Rookies who think they know what they are doing.
-Dishonorable people
-Lack of understanding of martial arts, swordplay, and marksmanship.
-Those who underestimate her.

-Turns red when angry, embarrassed, shy, or drunk.
-Gives secrets when drunk.
-Cannot hide reaction to cute animals often.
-Is allergic to ginger root.
-Pteronophobia- fear of being tickled by feathers.
-Fears losing her sanity.

Introvert(67%) iNtuitive(12%) iNtuitive Thinking(1%) Judging(78%)
You have distinctive preference of Introversion over Extraversion (67%)
You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (12%)
You have marginal or no preference of Thinking over Feeling (1%)
You have strong preference of Judging over Perceiving (78%)


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Been Great! Getting back into the college grove xD How's uhh What was her username, Black Rose or something?

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Ey it's been a while! How have you been?

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Hey girly! I hope you are doing well. I've been under the weather for a while. Miss you! I will talk to you as soon as I feel better. smile
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Sonic Cry

emotion_kirakira Nice avatar emotion_kirakira

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You think so? I just put random items together. xD

Same goes for you!

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You are truly divine my wonderful Dani! biggrin

Plus, you are the best goofball I've ever met. XDDD

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EYYY RED been a while! how you been? biggrin

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Yay! -glomps- Thank you though. It takes a good friend to reach out to another and that's what you are. But only you are my best friend. I'm lucky to have someone like you in my life. Thank you so much for being considerate about me. I rarely meet people like you and you are truly a catch. Seriously, I see you like a sister. -hugs tight- I feel like crying in joy because of how awesome you are. I love the picture and DES IS AWESOME! xD

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Oh my gosh! I love it! Thank you! -hugs-

I thought you went to bed. XDDD
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