Please see below if you're looking for the commission/request information.

Not being very adept at fulfilling the "requirements" of an about page, I believe I shall list a couple of things I enjoy, perhaps.

1. Reading
Never have I been so eager to delve into something new. Reading definitely does its job taking my mind off of things. I'm a very strict romance reader; however, I will dabble in fantasy, sci-fi and non-fiction (though, that in itself is hard to escape when you're in school).

2. Drawing
When I first started drawing, I wasn't the greatest thing on this planet. I'm still not, though, I am improving bit by bit by looking at various other art forms and practicing. I refuse to do fanart a lot of time but -- I am liable to do it when I have nothing original in my mind.

3. Crocheting
IS NOT KNITTING. I recently learned how to crochet and it helps with my reflexes. For some reason, after I do it after an extended period of time at a certain speed, my hands get super jumpy. I have no idea why. It comes in handy, especially when I'm looking to make special people some scarfs or flashy belts. I'd really like to learn how to crochet foot booties, gloves and beanies.

4. Embroidery
After going through an Amish interest period, I asked my grandmother if she could teach me embroidery. Even though they're the three basic stitches, they're very pretty~ Being such a n00b concerning embroidery, I use stenciled fabric. I should learn how to stitch without it, though... 8D;

In short, I am, as I like to say, a house-wife in the making.


Requests and Commissions.

Waiting List:
1. Cara the Sweet
2. ----
3. ----

Stand-by List:
1. x Grape Cyanide x

Completed List:


== I only draw females. Should you wish me to draw a male character, there is a high possibility that it will come out effeminite.

==Once you contact me for a commission, please send me a trade of what you're willing to give for the drawing. If you would rather trade gold and not an item, then instead pay the price for the illustration. I will sketch out a rough outline of what you wish done, review it with you, and once you agree, I will accept the trade and get on with the drawing. When trading an item, I ask that you trade an item that is of equal or around the value of the price of the drawing. I'd feel bad if I got an item that goes for 40,000 gold in the Marketplace when the drawing itself was only 800 gold.

==My limit of people I am willing to cater to are THREE. Once there are three people on the waiting list, all other requests will be put on the stand-by list.

==If you don't wish to wait, you can contact me and I will refund your money/item.

==I ask you to allow me one month to complete a drawing. You must understand that I have my own life to attend to and that there are things that come up preventing me from completing what I was asked to do.

==I will always put an obnoxious watermark on my artwork. It's not that I'm conceited. I'm far from that; I just don't trust people.

==If you are being nasty to me or are trying to swindle more than what you asked for from me, I will always have a print out of your PM or email and will scan the document for you to see. If you're being completely rude, then I will cancel your request and you can take your business elsewhere.

==I WILL NOT DO COMPLICATED AVATARS if you choose to ask me for ava'art. I simply cannot do cluttered images; it makes it too hard to distinguish what the character is wearing. Even for the simpler avatars, please provide a list of what they are wearing so I can hop onto tektek.org and do a step-by-step process. (So I don't get anything wrong, y'know.)

Prices and Contact Information.

You'll have to excuse me for the crummy computer drawings; I'm not one for digital artwork.

User Image
Head shots: 500 gold


User Image
Bust shots: 800 gold


User Image
Waist shots: 1,000 gold


User Image
Full body shots: 2,000 gold

The prices above are single prices, meaning that for waist shot, it will cost you 1,000 gold or an item (if you don't want to pay the gold). Should you request a couple or a group, it will cost you for every person featured in that drawing. So, if you request four people and want a bust shot, that will equal out to 1,200 gold.

When you're looking to contact me, simply send me a PM. If you would like to let me know you sent me PM, since I read my mail first before I do any sort of internet surfing, you can email me here: pillazoid@embarqmail.com with the subject "COMMISSION PM."

Artwork Samples.

If you're wondering what kind of artwork I draw, feel free to poke around my DA. (Because Gaia's being dumb and not letting me post links, you'll have to take out the spaces.) http : // chexednut.deviant.com I don't upload much, but there are a couple of pieces there. My artwork as of late has turned to the more realistic; however, I can do comic-like artwork still--no worries~


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Happy Birthday!!! 4laugh
Cara the Sweet

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Cara the Sweet

Happy B-day. ^^

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happy birthday! XD
Cara the Sweet

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Cara the Sweet

Happy B-day. User Image
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I love it when you flail! >w<

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moar vids nao plz. =w=

kthxbai <3
x Dark Moon Starsong x

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x Dark Moon Starsong x

Ohh I see. Lol I never really done GaiaCash, xept when my ex and I were dating and he'd give me some. But not anymore; I use my gold to get what I want xP Even if it costs an arm extra or something ¬¬
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Lol nice.

hm $5 added? o.O how so?
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Yea I went to see my friend in Centralia. She's the girl I took pics with *has one on prof* x] hm I'd love to go camping again, but not with my dad; with my sweetie lol.

Wow you got hella lucky lol. was that all for Xmas or something? I've gotten like a few things for last month. Not really wearing them. Was wearing those Bat Boots earlier but that was it. Hm, I'm always for purple as you've noticed. I usually go for something mystical and mysterious heh. And I'm disappointed myself; not many purple items ;P


Donate white items, please. :3
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