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I am an INTJ which means that I have a pristine judgmental and logic sense, also note that being an INTJ makes me extremely introverted when it comes to real life.
Um, we are very clever when the time comes, also note that we are called strategist because that is our forte. Some call us the mastermind of the spectrum, because we have the most automatic brain functions of any other type of personality, um such as scanning your environment and learning what to do that instant.
Some people say that we have no real personality, just saying, we do it's just we don't tend to show it most of the time when face to face.
We are natural leaders, and don't go nicely with rank.

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Total Value: 2,402,846 Gold
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Item List:
Infernal Spirit 11th Gen
Kink's Reprise
Captain Ara's Nestegg 4th Gen.
Rogue Narok
Red GPD Protective Vest
Infernal Spirit
Reve Rouille
Captain Ara's Nestegg 5th Gen.


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The One Called Sketch

Report | 02/26/2010 11:26 pm

The One Called Sketch

I actually just a day or so ago made a Gaia guild to house them all in one location.
Besides, a great many of my recent works made their debut in the GD.

Granted, few of them are... how to say... award winning material. Especially when you gotta please an audience as warped as the GD. But I've amassed a loyal following.

I'll send ya a link when I get a few of the aesthetic things worked out on the guild. I'm ashamed to show anyone something bearing the default banner.
The One Called Sketch

Report | 02/24/2010 12:55 am

The One Called Sketch

Oh, and a few of the reader editorials in the San Francisco chronicle were also written by me.
The One Called Sketch

Report | 02/24/2010 12:54 am

The One Called Sketch

Well, I've been writing editorials for as long as I can remember.
The only place, besides the internet, that has actually published my works is New Times weekly based out of Phoenix. But then again, I had much more inspiration back in that time.

Report | 02/23/2010 10:45 pm


The One Called Sketch

Report | 02/23/2010 12:22 am

The One Called Sketch

Oh, sir.
Perhaps you should take the time to study your subject before assuming their vocabulary is just for show.
I type how I talk.
It's made me a success as an editorial writer and as an activity report writer in the Security Services industry.

But, hey. No hard feelings, eh? I suppose people are just used to being blindsided by rampant stupidity in the GD. It was only natural of you to assume that all GDers aren't college educated.
The One Called Sketch

Report | 02/21/2010 5:01 am

The One Called Sketch

You're an INTJ, eh?
Now who's got the superiority complex?

Don't come barking at me because I made a statement about people I don't like, kid.

You are leagues away from giving anyone, least of all me, the "Holier Than Thou" speech.

Report | 02/08/2010 2:47 am


mhm. yeah, but y'know thats the first time ive drawn him, My next one should be better

Report | 02/08/2010 2:44 am


Thanks for the comment on my picture

Report | 02/08/2010 2:27 am


To be brutally honest, it's annoying when someone messages you while you're lurking the GD or playing flash games. Well to me it is.

Report | 02/08/2010 2:25 am


I don't like using Gaia Messenger. ><