I am a writer, artist, scientist and musician.
For those who wish to know which instruments I am skilled with, they are; The bass guitar and the mandolin.

Also for those pseudo-intellectuals, go find out something for yourself rather than plagiarising other people.


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cameoguys mindless ramblings......most of the time

insert badass ninja move here

if you want some entertainment here is the place to look



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Love the a** hat.
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r i n n a S E X

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I'm alright.

I actually had to go to the hospital today.

But other than that, i'm good.

How about you?

Anything new?

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Random. User Image English!

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Hey long time no talk. Whats up?

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I did indeed.

It made me smile like --> (: it did.


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I've just hit 2k.
I was well chuffed.

Then I remembered that it's a pathetic amount that can't get me anything anymore.
Then I got depressed.

Then I started reminising about the good old days when pitchforks weren't popular and you could get them for 10k.
And when rare events weren't half as rare as they are now.

Then I started to wonder why I was writing all this.

And then, then I remembered my english coursework that I haven't done, and is due in on thursday. ((:
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r i n n a S E X

Maybe Death Note right now?
I still like Naruto, but its getting kind of retarded.
Yu Yu Hakusho is a classic, too.
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r i n n a S E X

thats pretty much everyone's reaction to Evangelion.
After Asuka goes crazy and Rei is a robot
you just get dizzy.
But its a good story
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r i n n a S E X

whats up?
I haven't talked to you in awhile
God Save The Vampires

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God Save The Vampires

your avatar art-it has an a** hat XDD
it's a cool a** hat, though <3


I Have an interest in literature and science. If you have any good books you can recommend it would be much appreciated.