Blue is Canadian.
Blue likes cheese...and bacon (The Canadian Kind).
Blue's favorite color is blue.
Blue often spells color with a "u" but takes the "u" out a lot to stop the spell checker from making red underlinies.
Blue snuggles at random.
Blue likes giving and receiving free hugs.
Blue is a master of romantic metaphor use.
Blue was previously unaware that this was an attractive trait.
Blue used to have an avatar art store.
Blue is a hopeless romantic.
Blue is single.
Blue has always been single.
Blue has never even been kissed.
Blue sometimes works on a web comic called "Brainstrain"
Blue plays guitar sometimes.
Blue has a low self esteem.
Blue likes to argue with people in the ED.
Blue never takes ED discussion arguments out of the ED.
Blue likes Role Playing games of all kinds.
Blue is cursed with the ability to bring death to every RP that he joins just by joining (except for two).
Blue is very zen.
Blue likes That 70's Show.
Blue also likes the Drew Carry Show and Futurama.
Blue likes the Discworld Novels by Terry Pratchett.
Blue reads comic books, like Spiderman.
Blue's favorite book is "The Princess Bride".
Blue thinks that anyone who never watched Samurai Pizza Cats should go onto Youtube...where the first episode is hosted in like 3 pieces.
Blue likes to think of himself as a logical thinker (live long and prosper).
Blue is sometimes a bit of a geek.
Blue has the incredible ability to repair large headphones (ie. not earbuds)
Blue has a pair of gigantic headphones.
Blue takes out his stress arguing with people in the ED forums.
Blue once made a completely logical thread in the ED arguing that we should move to a different time system with 20 hours and 100 minutes in an hour.
Blue did the math and discovered that would make each minute 43.2 seconds long, which means that if we shortened the time in a second by the tiniest of fractions (no one would even notice.) It would all work out.
Blue sometimes misspells the word receive.
Blue had to do a spell check to make sure that he spelled it right that time.
Blue values literacy skills.
Blue used to give out random snuggles everyday, but then stopped.
Blue has neither a PS3, nor an XBox 360.
Blue has no desire to purchas a PS3, nor an XBox 360.'
Blue has a Wii. (All the ladies want to play with Blue's Wii)
Blue is questing for Jacked-Up Pants, and probably will be, forever.
Blue has no social life.
Blue used to play City of Heroes and once spent a month hunting down a giant robot named Babbage to receive a badge.
Blue sometimes plays Ragnarok Online on a private server.
Blue likes Tetris.
Blue sometimes still plays Pokemon. (because Pokemon red and Blue were awesome! Don't try to deny it!)
Blue sometimes draws a comic called "Brainstrain" featuring people who may or may not exist in the real world.
Blue will NOT be joining any Naruto RPs that feature Uchihas but don't have some sort of stat set up because...
Blue will not stand for being godmodded.
Blue no longer plays in Matchmaker games.
Blue can tell you in detail just what a matchmaker thread is.
Blue is a literate RPer, meaning that his RP posts are more likely to be a paragraph or two long, than a sentence or two long.
Blue plays Magic the Gathering
Blue's favorite deck is not actually a blue deck.
Blue is a jaded and broken individual, and isn't sure he believes in love anymore.
Blue very much enjoys Cherry Coke.
Blue misses when Trix Cereal was shaped like fruit.

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The Blue Journal

I miss my old thingy, but this one might work, which is more than the old one could.

Blue's thoughts, and random writings.



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I really miss you sad

Report | 05/08/2013 11:40 am


I still remember you my old friend. I hope you are having a very happy birthday wherever you may be. I hope life is treating you well, and you are still kicking ass in all things in life.

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Are you dead?

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Hi! heart

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Its like you disappeared...

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Madame Tequila-chan

Report | 12/03/2010 6:02 pm

Madame Tequila-chan


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u.u Blueeeeey =[

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Blue.. (inserts your real name here in her mind) Where are you..Suki Misses you


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