Trying to come out of retirement. Finding it hard to do so. =/ Where did all the others go?

Small Update: Thanx to the help of insane alphabet (who keeps changing his name >.> wink The Blind Hunter was given a new body and is alive once again. So everyone rejoice.

Small update: While trying to help the G-league and other heroes save barton town, The Blind Hunter was defeated in battle, which resulted in her demise.

Call me The Blind Hunter, a lone Hero of Gaia tho many deem me as a mere annoyance.
Taking residence in the Gaian Forest there I enforce the laws and if you break one it is me you have to deal with.
This is my domain enter as you please and feel free to leave a comment, infact since youre here you should leave a comment.
And remember The Blind Hunter maybe blind but I am always watching.

Zeta_Dragoon Inactivity? O.o
Radachure The Blue
Drei Harte
Solaris (iPinoy)

Enemies: (Yet still my friends XD)
The Skeletal Queen
Diamond Fracture
Princess Enmity
Sir Jing
Suine The Red
Ajax Fleetfoot

none right now

Name: The Blind Hunter (aka Kaleia)
Age: ?
Weapons: Trusty bow and arrow, whip, bladed chain, pet falcon, and a pet wolf.
Eye colour: no eyes, therefore no colour
Hair: Blue-ish grey
Power(s): telekinetic abilities, abilitiy to talk to animals, inhuman speed/stealth, and martial arts, shadow manipulation. (to a degree)
Race: Legendary nomad clan member of the Gaian Forest
Status: Ressurected Hero
New powers from the darkness of death: Shadow arrows to surround the area in inky blackness, poison arrows and gift from Strict Nine, laced in her poison, lovely exploding arrows, and a few more peices of shadow magic to lean the playing field in the hunters favor, and increase healing properties for the hunter.

Origin: Born to a fabled nomadic tribe that lives deep with in the Gaian Forest, her abilities as a hunter were taught to her like all the children of the village. About the age of 9 when out with a group hunting a rogue wolf she was separated from the group and attacked by the beast, they found her later and she was thought to be dead. There was extensive damage done to her eyes and they were unable to be saved. The village shaman worked for a long time on the girl and removed the remaining pieces of her destroyed eyes and sewed them shut, she was bandaged and soon awoke in one of the huts. Stumbling as she got to her feet she found her way outside and was stopped by her parents who gave her a falcon to help her see.
She was no longer allowed on hunts for to them a blind girl was useless, and was forced to stay in the village, she went to the shaman and pleaded that he fix this some how and the obliged, for a price of course, they told her where to train and after many long months she learned to use her other senses to see, and honed her telekinetic abilities and like the elders of the village she learned to communicate with the forest animals. She returned to the village to give payment to the Shaman she was held down and tattooed over her entire body, the payment was her exile. She nodded accepting the cost of her request and left adorning a blind fold over her eyes. Upon her journey she thought she had found the lair of the wolf who had robbed her of her eye sight intent on killing it but found that the creature had already been slain, her anger and grudge subsided when she heard the pup of the wolf all alone and took it in.
She roamed the forests from then on out for years protecting it and the village that cast her away. Now after the main threats of the forest have faded and life became dull she came to the civilized world of Gaia to fight for what was right, The Blind Hunter now helps to keep the Gaian world safe from evil from her lair in the woods with the help of her wolf and falcon.

The Girl Behind the Avi:
Name: Melanie
Age: 23
Height: 5'4-5'5ish
weight: 138 pounds
Location: The Northern of the Carolinas
Occupation: Student full time
About me: Theres not too much about me. But feel free to ask. Im your normal manga collecting, yaoi obsessed, DDR playing child. If thats even normal. Heheh. Im a high school Graduate and now a sophmore in college. Im majoring in Aquaculture, if you dont know what that is its the science of cultivating fish for commercil use and such.
My specialty is channel catfish and flounder =3
Im addicted severely to the computer and dont have much of a social life, yet I have a lot of friends it would seem. Yea I dont get it either...
Also I like to draw, and if you ask nicely Ill draw your avi <3~~
and I paint sometimes.
Any whoo, Nice to meet you! Feel free to message me or anything. =3

Current Quests, why she doesnt change.. Because she can!
Also everyone likes to have some clothes when they go OOC or in disguise ninja :
Im looking for a couple of MCs from my list now =3
since I tend to collect them X3
feel free to help please?

Always accepting Avi Art, even tho I can draw my own

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