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The Glorious Story Behind My Name
Because it's far to juicy to be left untold...

Dateline: April 20, 2007, Park Inn, Urbana, Illinois, USA

After an excruciatingly long school bus ride downstate for our State Tournament, I along with my comrades on the Science Olympiad team stepped into the hotel where we would be staying overnight. The outside looked vaguely like a prison, but we were happy anyways. It's easy to be when you're psyched about missing most of a day of school for a competition you worked hard to get to.

The inside of the hotel looked like a funeral home. But we were still optimistic, if a little tired and very eager to get to our rooms. We couldn't at the time, because our coaches had to get all of the room keys.

So a teammate of mine (we'll call him "Sam" wink , as he was going to recieve his room key, spotted something shiny on the reception desk. A flyer, to be precise.

"What was this flyer advertising that makes it more than a trivial detail?" I hear you ask.

"Come here, guys," Sam called excitedly, pointing at a copy of the flyer he had picked up. "This thing's tonight!"

It was a male strip show. And it was that night. And the hotel was more than half-taken by high school students in town for the same science competition. The strip show's name was Black Orgasm, and they were from Chicago (like me!).

So that became the biggest inside joke for Science Olympiad that year. Especially after Fantom (one of the strippers) was sighted in the hallway in his G-string. And after the conference room next to one of the boys' rooms was (loudly, from what I heard) used for sex that night.

(For your information, no, nobody actually went to the strip show. We were prevented by the adults, and the cost to get is was twenty-three dollars anyways. Not worth the money.) that's where my name comes from. I borrowed Black Orgasm, but changed it to Nergasm because what's more nergasmic than a science competition?

For all of you too lazy to do the math on my birthdate, I'm 15.

This coming school year, I will be a junior at my high school in the Chicago suburbs.

I am a nerd - science and math really get me going - and PROUD of it!

I compete in Science Olympiad and Forensics.

I have a non-sexual video game fetish. Especially for DDR and Kingdom Hearts.

I'm a GDer.

This is my fourth name since beginning Gaia. I've been known previously as gya_megami, Kyna-chan, and Sagittarius Rising.

I'm also fond of astrology.

I'm a big fan of baseball. GO WHITE SOX!

I's gots branez in mai headz. I'm literate on Gaia, and a straight-A Honors student in real life.

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Xxmiko_aikenkaxX Report | 02/16/2010 10:25 pm
HAHA! Nergasm lol!
Oeuf Report | 05/01/2009 5:53 pm

I am obsessed, too. *huggles to death* What events are you doing?
anat24 Report | 01/24/2009 10:52 pm
hi watz up? i was walking on gaia towns and i look ur house , is pretty ^_^ !!! and i also like the killers, yu gi oh, sakura and the video games !!! hahaha !!!! how are u ? XD
Inoill-7 Report | 03/13/2008 4:23 pm
U like yuor slepinsrum
Kurushimu Itami Report | 10/21/2007 9:56 am

My brain is still asleep.
Kurushimu Itami Report | 10/21/2007 9:54 am
iiR o s i e Report | 09/02/2007 4:17 am
darly Report | 08/15/2007 4:06 pm
I remember when you told me of that! I'm still laughing about that day!
Epitomize Report | 08/13/2007 12:49 pm
Dont hold back BBFAISE.

Go ahead.

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X Sugar Cubes Report | 08/08/2007 2:27 pm
haha. your welcome
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I want to make your slope my opposite reciprocal.

Know what I'm talkin' 'bout? VAGINA!

b*tchin' in the kitchen or cryin' in the bedroom all niiiiiiiight...

Y'know, on Tuesdays it's not rape. It's surprise sex!


You people are all dorks.

I've known ShadedBlu
and Kalamazoo since the
second grade.

Lady_Zaida is my soulmate. We fit each other like yin and yang.

I can't help but
love Darly - she's
just so cuuuuuute!

This is Screaming Tangerine. She's my babeh sister. (Actually, we're only a year and a half apart in age.)