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This is sunny! Hes awesome!

This is DarkBlac. He is awesome too!

there a world filled with towns. in those towns there are people. those people, do the same thing as their neighbor do..they go to college, they graduate, they get a job..get married, and have a family..yaddda yadda...and that seems kind know, boring! everyones unique, yet everyone has the same god damn graduate, marry, have kids..yadda yadda....
i have a diffrent dream..i want to be alone, and drive to town to town..and look at the funny little people trying to achieve there funny little dreams...i want to be alone, and read a book in an old beat down barn, or in a deserted town...where i can be me..not the me you know and love, but me me! im not ganna be judged, or anything like that..because there will be noone there to do it..