I am -x-.

You may know me, or you may not.
You may love me or think I'm wrong,
You may think I'm cold or hot,
When I send you a gift wrapped in song,
Give me a reason to tell you my tale,
And I'll give you a reason to love me.
I'll make you smile without fail,
And and that's the way it has to be.

A beautiful poem written by a wonderful friend.
Sweetest princess of the sky
Mystery unknown
The universe floats in your eye
The moon your humble throne

You are all that shines at night
You are the purest essence
Shining in the dark a light
You bless us with your presence

The clouds up high become your shawl
The breeze your flowing hair
Each tear you drop a star that falls
Prancing through the air

Each constellation holds you dear
And every star's your servant
I wish to always have you near
And forever be observant

~The Sweet Freak~

What is this that I see?
Someone's written a poem to me?
Why I'm honored, My Disease,
Let me kiss you if you please.

Poem for me by You Are My Disease
Good sir, do I know you?
For I really think I do
We have not spoken, that is true
But I still think I recognize you, -x-

Picture for me from Lotus
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Exactly as it says


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Fern Gullly

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Fern Gullly

Shinju Umiko

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Shinju Umiko

Hullo! Thanks for buying. ^W^

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I'm glad you picked that avi for the contest! It was my favorite of the entries and is quite becoming!

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Hello hello. c: I wish to let you know that I have received your letter and just want to say thank you right now. Thank you. I shall be writing my reply in 15 or so hours from now due to my need for sleep. I just wanted to let you know my immediate thanks. Very generous of a gift from you. c: <3


I am X
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